Meet Cara Flaherty

Cara Flaherty is the Events & Content Manager for Urban Outfitters’ concept store, Space Ninety 8, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She has lived in the neighborhood since the early aughts, though she is originally from Columbus, Ohio. At work, Cara directs an ever changing program of pop-up shops, product launch events, local vendor markets, charity fundraisers, and community workshops. Meeting and collaborating with a variety of talented artists, makers, designers, and creatives is easily her favorite part of the job. Outside of work, you can usually find Cara exploring the neighborhood or abroad. Whether hiking Machu Picchu, sleeping on sand dunes in Morocco, or meeting friends for drinks nearby, she is always on the move.

Weekdays I wake up allowing just enough time to get ready without having to rush. I have found if I have too much free time before work I’ll get distracted by one thing or another and end up running late! Weekends I ease into things. I usually make a cup of tea first thing and catch up on news and social media before I head to the gym.
Before I started my job, I actually didn’t have a background in event planning at all. I had worked for Urban Outfitters for a long time on the Visual Merchandising team and had been involved in planning and executing some in-store events throughout the years. When the job at Space Ninety 8 became available, I jumped at the chance knowing my management experience and understanding of the brand/culture would be a good foundation for the role. Living in the neighborhood for the past 13 years also helped me build relationships with the creative community which have been invaluable.
Some of Cara's favorite books

Some of Cara's favorite books

I love to travel and often find myself spending most of my time reading travel books and blogs which is why I included a copy of Lonely Planet. I will randomly pick up a guide from my collection and learn about a new place when I’m bored or have free time. I’m testing out a ritual of doing this daily (or weekly) just to learn more about destinations off the beaten path.
My favorite part of my job is getting to collaborate with so many amazing people. I have actually had the pleasure of working with some of the women featured on Passerbuys and am constantly inspired by their unique ideas and perspectives.
I guess my aesthetic would be a mix of modern and vintage. Most of my furniture has been acquired at antique/vintage stores, and I’ve found some great stuff at film prop sales as well. I love Adaptations and Porter James in Greenpoint for home goods and for new stuff CB2 and West Elm are probably my favorites. I love 60’s and 70’s décor and am inspired by modern ceramics. My apartment is full of odds and ends from years of casual collecting. Sometimes I want to get rid of everything and be super minimal, but I realize that all of that “stuff” has a story and is basically a collection of my life travels and experiences.
Cara's favorite records

Cara's favorite records

Probably an obvious pick, but I do love Another Green World by Brian Eno. I can listen to the album start to finish and I have never get tired of hearing it.
I mostly shop at vintage stores. My closet is full of black and white stripes and black sack and t-shirt dresses. I think I need to infuse a little more color into my wardrobe this spring, actually! When it comes to buying clothes, I splurge on shoes, bags, dresses, and jackets and keep everything else pretty basic. I like the basic French aesthetic where simple clothing can still make a statement.
Cara's favorite beauty products

Cara's favorite beauty products

I always wash morning and evening with Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and tone/refresh with Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray. I never leave home without black liquid liner on! Eyeko makes the perfect pen in my opinion. It goes on super dark, doesn’t fade, and creates a perfect line. I always lean towards natural beauty products if possible, but go with what works best on my skin and is hopefully cruelty free. Lately I have been in the habit of keeping my Sunday night’s free to unwind and chill before the week starts. I’ll take a bath, do a beauty mask, drink some wine, and watch a good movie. I highly recommend it!
More of Cara's favorite beauty products

More of Cara's favorite beauty products

I love the Milk Make-up cooling stick which I actually keep in the fridge. I use it on my face in the morning and it basically wakes up my skin and reduces puffing. I also am a big advocate of using a Vitamin C Serum every other night to even out skin tone and keep wrinkles away. I’ve noticed a difference in doing this for a year.


✓ Weekday Brunch - Cafe Mogador

✓ Weekend Brunch - The Mezze Brunch at Glasserie

✓ Coffee -Variety

✓ Dinner - Allswell, Suzume

✓ Bar - Four Horsemen, Burnside

✓ Shopping - Narnia Vintage, Bird, Mociun