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Meet Mari Andrew

The woman behind the brutally honest comics about adulthood.

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Meet Mathilde Hamart

A production manager based in Paris that also runs her own swimwear line, EPI SWIM.

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Modern Vietnamese Food At Falansai

As recommended in our best vegan spots in NYC feature, we visit Falansai in Bushwick for a modern twist to classic Vietnamese comfort food.

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Best Places for freelancers in LA

We list the best places to get work done in Los Angeles.

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Meet The Makers

Dorothée Meilichzon of Chzon, the interior designer behind some of the recommended spots on Passerbuys

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Traditional Greek Food at Kiki's

With an awning for a Chinese printing company, people on the street may not recognize that inside is a traditional Greek restaurant. At Kiki’s, the celebrated traditions of Greek cuisine stay alive and current on the menu for visitors and a new generation of New Yorkers.

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Where to eat vegan in nYC


New York is a city of choices. When it comes to choosing to eat vegan, the decision shouldn’t be intimidating.

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Meet Diane Ducasse

Diane is a fashion designer and the founder of DA/DA, a clothing line for women that borrows from menswear.

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Meet Jenna Wortham

Jenna is a technology reporter and staff writer for The New York Times Magazine.

She co-hosts The New York Times podcast Still Processing.

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Meet Marion Lange

Marion has produced content all over the world and worked for agencies like DDB, J. Walter Thompson, and Grey before going freelance as an Executive Producer in 2014.

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Record Shopping at Commend

This small marketplace set up by indie record company, RVNG Intl, boasts a collection of records and tapes from a variety of artists.

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A Taste of Venetian Cuisine at Bacaro

From brunch to dinner, this stylish and sophisticated Italian restaurant brings small plates of Venetian taste to the Lower East Side.

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