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Meet Naura Keiser


A lawyer who has reached a high point in her career thanks to her mentor and personal ambition. Her personal style is just one way Naura gets to express herself aside from the office.

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Meet Mimi Packer

While navigating the world of media at Viceland as a producer, she’s learned to embrace and tell unconventional stories for TV.

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A Beginner's Guide To Vitamins And Supplements

All you need to know about the basics of vitamins, probiotics, and supplements for starters

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Best Tattoo Shops In NYC

These are the most recommended tattoo parlors in NYC that have attracted celebrity clientele but also friendly neighborhood locals.

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Meet The Makers


We meet the designer behind Amélie Pichard and chat about what kind of woman she designs for and how her customer influenced the way she created her first shop in Paris.

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Best Vintage Stores In NYC

Just walking around Brooklyn may inspire the need for a wardrobe change. Check out these highly recommended spots by passersby on where to shop for some classic vintage pieces.

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Where to eat vegan in lA


Los Angeles may be populated with vegan spots, but the women of Passerbuys want to assure you that a soy-free or gluten-free menu doesn't have to be intimidating for a good, hearty meal.

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Meet Alix Gutiérrez

An Illustrator and Graphic Designer at Richardson. Read up on how she got her job via Instagram by sliding in their DMs and what tools she uses to get her job done.

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Meet Jenna Wortham


Jenna is a technology reporter and staff writer for The New York Times Magazine.She co-hosts The New York Times podcast Still Processing. 

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Meet Ana Giraldo-Wingler

A programmer who emigrated from Bogotá & spent her younger years making websites. Today she owns and works at Girlfriend Labs wheres uses tools like Sketch and Sublime Text daily.

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Best wine bars in nYC

Whether in a dark and cozy booth or an open space for mingling, the women of Passerbuys have recommended some of their favorite spots in the city for picking the right glass of wine.

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Best Tailoring Shops in NYC

Behind any wearable piece of clothing is an expert tailor who knew how to elevate your style and form. Every New Yorker must have her favorite place for getting her clothes fitted just perfectly, the way that its designer intended.

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