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Meet Abby Pucker


Who once wanted to be a chef and now creates and produces creative content for her own production company.

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Meet Beverly Nguyen

A stylist based in Brooklyn and originally from California, where her passion for clothes and style began.

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Best TV Shows of 2017

Nearly all of our top ten TV shows are available to binge watch, instead of having to wait one day a week. Here’s where the women of Passerbuys recommend you start.

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Best Albums of 2017

In a year needed for some isolation and meditation, it helps to plug in some earbuds and escape with a brand new album. These are the top picks for albums of the year brought to you by the women of Passerbuys.

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Meet The Makers


Dorothée Meilichzon of Chzon, the interior designer behind some of the recommended spots on Passerbuys

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Best books of 2017


The holiday season is the perfect time to stay inside near the radiators and catch up on some reading.If your resolution is to read more, here’s a start.

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Best Movies of 2017

We asked the over 300 women featured on Passerbuys, from LA and New York to London and Paris, for their favorite movies of the year and rounded it up in our top ten list.

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Meet Clemence Sigu

Paris passerby, Clemence Sigu, is a freelance journalist who explores the relationship our world has with the fashion industry.

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Meet Jenna Wortham


Jenna is a technology reporter and staff writer for The New York Times Magazine.She co-hosts The New York Times podcast Still Processing. 

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Meet Nicole Najafi

Designer and founder of American denim label, Industry Standard. She shares with us some knowledge on where entrepreneurs should allocate funds and just how she gets to wind down after every busy day

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Best Tailoring Shops in NYC

Behind any wearable piece of clothing is an expert tailor who knew how to elevate your style and form. Every New Yorker must have her favorite place for getting her clothes fitted just perfectly, the way that its designer intended.

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Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

We’re here to help make your holiday shopping a bit easier with a list of items under $100 from passerby-recommended brands.

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