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Meet Fatima Jones


The Director of PR & Communications at The Apollo Theater. Fatima shares how she balances her career having worked at BAM & The Brooklyn Museum, along with her personal life by keeping her daughter first.

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Meet Adette Contreras

A web & graphic designer turned entrepreneur after founding Tinsel Design and In Wild Pursuit. Learn to get paid your worth and acquire clients in the creative industry with her helpful business.

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The Best Scents And Fragrances For Your Home

A way to relax can be a simple as lighting a scented candle or burning some Palo Santo wood sticks. We investigate the best scents that will help you unwind and stay calm.

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The Best Workout Classes In NY And LA

We take a look at the most recommended places to take a workout class.

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Meet The Makers


We meet the founder of the boutique and wellness center, Jill Lindsey. We chat about what it takes to create a concept store from scratch without a business background.

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Moving In & Decorating An Apartment In Less Than A Month

Passerbuys founder Clémence Polès gives us her tips and recommendations on moving into a new place as fast and efficiently as possible

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Your Swimsuit Guide For The Summer


Get ready to post up by the beach or pool all summer long with some of the most recommended swimsuits this season.

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Meet Folasade Adeoso

A web designer whose creativity extends to making digital art and designing the clothes she wears.

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Meet Jameela Jamil


The English radio and TV presenter who broke into the US by playing Tahani on NBC’s The Good Place.

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Meet Monique Lalane

A social worker currently studying for her PhD. It seems as though there is no downtime for Monique. She shares with us all the aspects of social work and how she started her career.

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Where To Buy The Best Matresses


From side sleepers to back sleepers, we round up the most recommended mattresses on Passerbuys.

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The Most Popular Memoirs On Passerbuys


We've rounded up the most popular memoirs that have helped passersby find direction and inspiration.

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Meet Jenna Wortham


Jenna is a technology reporter and staff writer for The New York Times Magazine.She co-hosts The New York Times podcast Still Processing. 

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