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Meet Sandi Marx


A talent agent who changed careers in her sixties to finally pursue her own comedic voice. She shares how she gained confidence decades later, along with her creative process.

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Meet Nina roth

The Head of Community & Operations at Alma. She shares with us her career insights and how she unexpectedly landed in the health-tech space, finding her passion through community engagement.

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5 Simple Ways To Feel Sexy

What if we shifted the definition of sexy away from the sterility of the corporate gaze, and back towards what makes a person feel like the most confident version of herself?

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The Best Face Highlighters To Achieve A Natural Glow

Finding a highlighter that gives you just the right amount of glow without making it look like you accidentally dragged a greasy slice of pizza across your cheeks while stuffing your face is no easy feat.

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Meet Nina Lorez Collins


Author of ‘What Would Virginia Woolf Do? And Other Questions I Ask Myself As I Attempt to Age Without Apology’ and founder of its corresponding website The Woolfer.

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The Best Beauty Tips We Learned From Our Moms

For Mother’s Day, we asked the women featured on Passerbuys to reflect on the best tips and tricks they’ve learned from their mothers.

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What Apps Passersby are using

While social media may take up a large portion of storage on our phone, there are some apps out there that may actually help build a better lifestyle.

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Meet emily DiDonato

The model and face behind Maybelline, Giorgio Armani and more. Emily reflects on the changing industry, how to find the right angle, and how social media has impacted how we perceive models.

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Meet Jameela Jamil


The Actress & Activist behind NBC’s The Good Place and Instagram movement ‘I Weigh’.

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Meet Dianna Cohen

The marketer behind the brands Away, Outdoor Voices, Flamingo and more. From keeping up with the latest industry news and trends, to setting up boundaries, Dianna shares her tips and tricks.

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Where to eat vegan in nyc

Gone are the vegan cafes of the past, known for dusty planters and wilted salads. Here to stay is the excitement of cruelty-free dining, whether it be for a lunch or as a life choice.

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How to break in as a writer

There’s no one path to becoming a writer. We asked the writers featured on Passerbuys on their tips and advice on how young and aspiring writers can break into the media industry.

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Meet Alison Roman


A cook, writer and author of Dining In. Formerly the Senior Food Editor at Bon Appetit, she is now a columnist for The New York Times.

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