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Meet Alison Roman


A cook, writer and author of Dining In. Formerly the Senior Food Editor at Bon Appetit, she is now a columnist for The New York Times.

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Meet Sukey Novogratz

A philanthropist and writer, who has used meditation as a way to power through life and her career. Along with her sister-in-law Elizabeth Novogratz, Sukey is the co-author of Just Sit: A Meditation Guidebook for People Who Know They Should But Don't.

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The Most Recommended Film Theaters In New York

Enjoy everything from box-office hits to art-house films at these recommended cinemas in Brooklyn & Manhattan.

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The Best Places To Go Shopping In NYC, LA, Paris & London

From New York and LA to Paris and London, these are the most recommended shops that have been featured and frequented by passersby.

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Meet The Makers


We meet the founder of the boutique and wellness center, Jill Lindsey. We chat about what it takes to create a concept store from scratch without a business background.

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Introducing The Female Filmmakers Festival

A 3-day screening and talk series celebrating accomplished female filmmakers and empowering women who want to break into the industry.

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Essential Movies Made By Female Filmmakers

From Lost In Translation to La Ciénaga, here are the most recommended movies directed by female filmmakers on Passerbuys.

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Meet Crystal Moselle

The filmmaker behind the recently released Skate Kitchen and the award-winning film The Wolfpack.

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Meet Jameela Jamil


The English radio and TV presenter who broke into the US by playing Tahani on NBC’s The Good Place.

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Meet Shruti Naik

A scientist working in immunology who wants to spread the awareness and importance of understanding science and human health.

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The Best Scents And Fragrances For Your Home

A way to relax can be a simple as lighting a scented candle or burning some Palo Santo wood sticks. We investigate the best scents that will help you unwind and stay calm.

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The Best Workout Classes In NY And LA

We take a look at the most recommended places to take a workout class.

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Meet Jenna Wortham


Jenna is a technology reporter and staff writer for The New York Times Magazine.She co-hosts The New York Times podcast Still Processing. 

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