Picture by Ysa Perez

Picture by Ysa Perez

What is Passerbuys?

noun. plural. pass·er·buys \pa-sər-ˈbī\

Physical goods owned by a stylish passerby available for you to purchase directly from their profile or the Passerbuys Shop.


About Us

Passerbuys is a recommendation website for women. It is the most authentic source for insider tips, guides, and advice. Featuring profiles of the interesting women we see passing by, the website is built around their real recommendations for everything from beauty products and books to local coffee shops and salons. In an era of hyper-curation, Passerbuys chooses to focus on the true lives and styles of the women in your city. We want to build a community where women help one another — offering each other genuine advice, everyday tips, and reliable recommendations.


About The Founder

"Passerbuys sprung from love of people watching. Having lived in Paris and now currently residing in New York City, every stroll is an aesthetic adventure. I would notice myself thinking about interesting looking Passersby, wondering about their personalities, lifestyles, homes, jobs, material possessions; just about anything! 'Where did she buy that bag?', 'I wonder what books she's reading?" "What kind of music is she into?' The idea developed from this feeling of having grown tired of tastemakers/influencer style blogs which I admittedly turn to all the time… they’re useful, but at the heart of it I find that they lack realness. This chasm between fabricated style and the style that people generate themselves really bothered me, and I wanted to create a website that put the focus back on real people, providing inspiration rather than instruction."



How Passerbuys Works

The spirit of the website is rooted in the participants whom we refer to as 'Passersby': striking, smart and captivating women. We offer a real and in-depth look inside their worlds that includes not only their recommendations for products and places, but also their stories, tips, and advice. Passerbuys is the ultimate guide to navigating life and style.