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Yulia is a photographer and videographer who graduated from SVA and is currently based in New York. She was born in the United States, raised in Russia and has studied photography between Milan, Paris and NYC. Yulia photographs people she feels a connection with, portraying their strong characters and makes the subject relatable. Her photographs mix genuine spontaneity with carefully staged moments, emulating cinematic qualities. She's currently working on a series about performance aspect of life.

Streetstyle details: Outfit, Vintage ; Backpack, Prada

Outfit, Vintage

Growing up in Moscow was weird, gloomy, fun, & dark. An isolated bubble but my home.
I wake up and lie in bed for about an hour, snooze about 4 times before I have to get up. The only way to get myself out of bed is music or the radio.
New York seemed like an American version of Moscow - a big city nothing like the rest of the country, a place that’s romanticized by the people.

Top, Topshop ; Jeans, Wrangler

Sophie Calle, is one of my favorite artists of all time. She a badass woman who is unapologetic of herself and her obsessions. The book “True Stories” are small stories from her life, they are so honest. I really aspire to her.

Yulia's favorite books

My aesthetic ranges from Sexy Carpenter (coined by my friend Tea), 80’s Mom, Disco Queen and most recently Cowgirl. Sometimes combining them all. I love cruising through Etsy like its my job but I would say the best places to shop are suburban thrift stores, I also like Mahps in Greenpoint, I always find something cute there.

Top, Topshop ; Jeans, Wrangler

 Yulia's favorite makeup

Yulia's favorite makeup

I got into photography by raiding my mom’s closet and taking photos of my friend in their clothes, was a big moment for me. My style is on a fine line between set up and captured, I like to create an image as well as be inspired from the moment.
Most of my inspirations come from films. I have a folder full of screen shots from movies I watch. It can be very annoying watching at home with me as I’ll pause through out the movie to get that still.

Outfit, Vintage

Pretty in Pink soundtrack was gifted to me by my first boyfriend, who knew my love of John Hughes films. It was also my first record I ever owned, I didn’t even have anything to play it on yet. It has such a good selection of 80’s hits - “If You Leave” gets me every time. I like imagining I’m in a teen movie, is that weird as a 25 year old?

Yulia's gear

My favorite camera was given to me by my uncle, it’s a Canon ae-1! I’ve been using it since I was 15, can’t imagine switching over. I also starting shooting on a mini dv cassette camera which I have been obsessing over, the quality is so perfect.

Yulia's favorite record

Yulia's favorite skincare

I really have a specific routine, I wash my face everyday and use lotion. I actually try to wear more statement make up, different colored eyeshadows or glitter. It’s hard for me to keep up with that because on the days I’m looking like a carpenter, I really don’t feel like standing out at all. My soul and my guts are all glitter I promise.

Outfit, Vintage



I'm a pretty lazy human being and go to places very close to my house, I go to Le Gamin maybe a little too often, Jimmy's, Ramona's and Tacos at Vamos al Tequila (Huge fan).


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