NAME: Allie Berman

WHERE ARE YOU GOING: I'm heading to my friend's house in the east village to make some music and drink espressos like water.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Converse that have been through hell, vintage Levi's I cut at the bottom, a crew neck burned by cigarettes, and a fur I got at a hole in the wall in Pigalle, Paris.

INSTA: @allieberman

alexandria tarver passerbuys

NAME: Alexandria Tarver

WHERE ARE YOU GOING: I'm headed back to work at Assembly New York after having a quick coffee with my friend Max from Deli Gallery.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Jacket by Index Series; top is Assembly NY knit sample from a couple seasons ago; leather pants by Markoo. Hat by artist and friend Quintessa Matranga.

INSTA: @alexandriatarver

Alexandria Tarver passerbuys

NAME: Kym Chambers

WHERE ARE YOU GOING: I'm heading to design handbags for my line Foreign Domestic Intl.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Forever 21 denim shirt, Doc Martins SHOES, Dana Bronfman earrings 

INSTA: @foreigndomesticintl

Photography by: Audrey Cotton

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