Co-Owner of American Two Shot. Union Square.


Steph is from Miami Beach, she went to college at the University of Michigan, and couldn’t have moved to New York City fast enough after school in 2007. She got a job at Theory the week she moved and then worked there for almost 5 years. She started in sales and then moved to financial planning. In 2012 she opened American Two Shot with her childhood best friend, Olivia.  


Streetstyle details: 

Top, Acne ; Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger ; Coat, Alexander Wang ; Bag, Saint Laurent ; Shoes, Prada ; Sunglasses, Garrett Leight

Top, CLOTHES ; Cardigan, Comme Des Garcons ; Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger

I’ve always sort of worked in “fashion” although I don’t necessarily think of myself working in “fashion” if that makes any sense.
During the week I set an alarm for 7:30 but I’m not a morning person so I snooze a whole bunch. When it’s really time to get up I put on some loud music to get myself out of bed. I’ll usually rush to the gym or yoga in the morning. I don’t keep a computer at home so I have to get to the store to really start my workday with coffee and emails.

Top, CLOTHES ; Cardigan, Comme Des Garcons ; Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger

Olivia and I opened the store to create the shopping experience we had wanted for ourselves - something unexpected yet familiar, with nice people and interesting clothes/objects for all occasions. We focus a lot on New York designers and contributions from local friends/creators. It’s really nice for us to use the store as a retail spot/cafe/hang experience during the day and more of a multi-purpose space after hours - just the other night we had our 4th annual valentine’s day erotic reading hosted by adult magazine, a favorite tradition at ATS. We also produce our own clothing line called CLOTHES by American Two Shot. Olivia and I design CLOTHES together and we make everything in LA - it’s important for us to produce domestically. I’d describe the line as non-basic basics, we try to make wearable clothing that’s fun and feels nice to wear.

Jumpsuit, CLOTHES

Right now I’m reading more non-fiction, brain on fire by Susannah Calahan is a crazy story about a girl living in New York and overnight, a rare brain disease completely takes over her body function, personality, memory, and sense of reality. What’s incredible is that she was able to recover in a matter of months and then wrote her autobiography. The body is such a weird thing, especially the brain - I’ve always been into neuroscience, not really information that’s useful in my daily life as a store owner but just a particular subject I enjoy.

Steph's favorite books

 Steph's favorite records

Steph's favorite records

Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass was gifted to me by one of my best friends when she was moving away - she probably just wanted to unload some stuff. It’s not much like the other music I own/listen to but it’s a favorite because it reminds me of a very specific time in New York - the whipped cream gown on the cover is also worth shouting out.

Jacket, Levi's ; Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger

Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger ; Shoes, Gucci

 Cardigan, Kaelen

Cardigan, Kaelen

I’m always stocked up on Olive Gold 03 oil. I put a little on my face right out of the shower but you can really use it for anything - skin/hair/aches maybe even some uses yet to be discovered.

Steph's favorite beauty products

A lot of my favorite pieces come from Two Shot and I’ll buy some basics at places like Zara, Everlane, etc but I usually do that online. I tend to dress more by color than by style, I wear a lot of black, denim, grey and light pink - I like to mix sporty with feminine but pretty much stick to that color vibe.

Top, CLOTHES ; Jeans, Rag & Bones ; Cardigan, Kaelen 

Shoes is where I like to splurge - ill shop shoes anywhere from Nike to Barney’s. No color rules apply.

Steph's favorite makeup

I keep my beauty routine really low key, I don’t use many products or makeup items. I’m pretty loyal to moisturizing a few times a day and at night a little eye cream. My daily makeup routine is a tinted moisturizer with SPF, Glossier’s Boy Brow, and Lucas Pawpaw on my lips. My only party trick is pink lips - I like Nars Easy Lover Gloss and I rotate baby pink lipstick from the drugstore.

Shoes, Dries Van Noten

One of my favorite artists is Olivia Wolfe who happens to be my best friend / business partner - lucky for me. obviously I like her taste, but it’s also the process in her artwork that I love so much.

Devin Troy Strother

The piece by Devin Troy Strother with the cheetah & ladies is titled “Bitch You Slow”. I love his work, it’s smart plus the right amount of playfulness - I guess kind of how I’d hope people would interpret our point of view at American Two Shot.
 Sweatshirt, Me and You ; Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger ; Backpack, Khoi Le 

Sweatshirt, Me and You ; Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger ; Backpack, Khoi Le 



Grassroots Juicery is not in my neighborhood but it’s the best juice bar

Dimes for any meal, Cocoron for soba, Souen is across from my apartment and has been a favorite of mine for years, & Baz Bagel for new york bagels and florida vibes.

Temple bar is a super weird good spot if you don’t wanna have a drink without running into anyone you know,  and I love visiting the brooklyn museum, and Sky Ting Yoga for my sanity.


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