Your Swimsuit Guide for the Summer

Get ready to post up by the beach or pool all summer long with some of the most recommended swimsuits this season.

Summer is officially back this month, so it's time to stock up on swimwear for getting into the water or just catching some sun. From basic yet stylish swimwear pieces at Solid & Striped to the body conscious swimwear at Malia Mills, there is a swimsuit for everyone. All the swimwear pieces don't have to just be worn for the water either. Each of the brands recommended work well enough to be paired with everyday clothes to stay cool during the long and hot days of summer. The women of Passerbuys have dropped their favorite swimwear brands for wherever they like to dip in the water around the world this season.


Solid & Striped

Recommended by Rian Fossett, kristi Garced, Trelawny Davis, Beverly Nguyen, alyssa coscarelli and Natalie Pace

The new collection at Solid & Striped throws it back to LA-inspired looks from the '70s to '90s but also fit for posing on Instagram. With wetsuits, colorful one-pieces, and bikinis, the collection doesn't have to be worn just for the beach or relaxing poolside. Each piece of swimwear can also be worn and paired with cut-off jeans and other summertime pieces.

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Mara Hoffman

Recommended by Molly SurnoErin Allweiss, and Georgie Greville

California native and artist, Molly Surno, says, "Mara Hoffman is always my jam. The swimsuits are fantastic: bright, great cuts, strong material. [Mara] is a bad ass sustainability leader. It's my ideal combo." 

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Malia Mills

Recommended by Melissa Flashman and Katy Hallowell

Malia Mills has made it easier for women to shop for swimwear by basing its collection on bra sizes. All of its swimwear separates come in AA to E cup, and bottoms and maillots come in sizes 1 to16. Each piece is made with a precise fit to embrace every woman's body perfectly. 

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Rachel Comey

recommended by Georgie Greville and soraya Ahoubim

A favorite and reliable brand for passersby around the world, Rachel Comey has got you ready for everyday work outfits but now it's time to wear her designs to the beach. Rachel Comey designs are available at recommended shopping spot in the city, The Frankie Shop

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Nu Swim

recommended by Beverly Nguyen and Angie Venezia

Based in California, Nu Swim doesn't design its swimsuits just for certain seasons. They're available all year for whenever you might be dipping into the water. Made in California and New York, most of its fabrics are sourced from Italy with recycled fibers. 

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recommended by Beverly Nguyen and Clemence Vazard

Eres Paris makes one-piece and two-piece swimsuits that accommodate all body types by providing a range of cuts and colors. The website allows customers to choose among its several cuts, such as bustiers, tank swimsuits, triangle swimsuits, and many more choices for bikini bottoms. Eres also provides a size guide and the correct way to try to on swimsuits to get the right fit.

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recommended by caitlin mcmullen and Alyssa Coscarelli

Launched from a lingerie collection, Araks has moved into swimwear with the same intention to provide women with bold colors and streamlined silhouettes. This concept of effortless beauty is evident in its collection of monochromatic colors and patterned swimsuits fit for a day under the sun.

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Roxana Salehoun

recommended by alyssa coscarelli and susan alexandra

Specializing in swimwear, Roxana Salehoun began designing as an ode to her love for vintage beach designs which is evident in its current collection. Made from European textiles, the swimsuits are made for the "ultimate fit." 

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Midsommar Swim

recommended by Puno Dostres and Alyssa Coscarelli

This high-end swimwear collection is a new brand coming from LA's Rachel Nosco who designed a collection filled with color palettes varying from nude tones that match the sandy beaches to other neutral and monochromatic colors.

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recommended by Susan Alexander and Alyssa Coscarelli

Susan Alexander says that Aerie "makes easy and inexpensive suits" for all body types and colorful designs for women. All of its two-piece swimsuits can be mixed and matched with various colors to fully maximize each purchase.

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recommended by fariha roisin and jenna wortham

This swimwear line is made with an architectural flair that embraces the beauty of all women, femmes, and non-binary bodies. Through its use of technical fabrics and innovate design, all swimwear pieces are made to enhance performance and fit the body perfectly.

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Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 10.52.51 AM.png


recommended by Verena Michelitsch and Alyssa Coscarelli

With simple and wearable designs, COS makes it easy to shop for a swimsuit. The minimalistic swimwear collection featuring one-piece and two-piece suits are also on the affordable side of the swimwear spectrum.

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Other swimsuit recommendations include Made By Dawn (as recommended by Alyssa Coscarelli and Jasmine Imani), J. Crew (as recommended by Cara Flaherty and Alyssa Coscarelli), Kini and Reformation (as recommended by Stephanie Danler), Seafolly and Youswim (as recommended by Fariha Roisin), Bikyni (as recommended by Nicole Najafi), Triangl (as recommended by Molly Surno), Hunza G (as recommended by  Angie Venezia, she adds "This brand from the UK makes suits in the same fabric of Julia Roberts's hooker costume from Pretty Woman. It's really stretchy, comfy, and one size fits most. Styles are classic but sexy. I have two classic scoop back one-pieces.") and Summertime Somewhere and Flagpole (as recommended by Lindsey Mills).