Where To Get Acupuncture in New York

While modern medicine has unquestionably made our society healthier and helped us live longer, sometimes the best treatments for the ailments plaguing our daily lives are some of the oldest, which is why we wanted to investigate acupuncture.

So many passersby, including women like Rachael Yaeger, Molly Surno, and Victoria Hoff, have touted the benefits of seeing an acupuncturist. As one of the world’s oldest healing methods, treatments can address everything from chronic pain and skin conditions to autoimmune disease and mood disorders. The practice of acupuncture is rooted in the belief that illness is caused by imbalances in the body’s energy flow, known as “Qi” (pronounced chee), and by correcting such imbalances, health can be improved and restored. Trained practitioners do this by inserting very fine needles into specific pressure points—identified based on what the goals of treatment are—throughout the body to mobilize the flow of Qi. To find the best places to try the ancient practice out, we asked passersby for their favorite acupuncturists in New York City. 

Brooklyn Acupuncture Project


Brooklyn Acupuncture Project is a community acupuncture clinic that strives to make holistic healthcare accessible and affordable for all. Victoria, who now lives in LA, says that she badly misses her weekly 90-minute sessions every Saturday. She’s been treated by BAP’s skilled practitioners for issues ranging from menstrual problems to anxiety to a pinched nerve, and says she always leaves feeling a million times better.

Maha Rose Healing Center


Maha Rose Healing Center in Greenpoint offers a wide range of services that attract passersby, including acupuncture. Carrie says that their acupuncturist, Supriya Lay, “is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met!” and highly recommends a session with the practitioner. In addition to treatment for “internal imbalances,” or physical maladies, they also perform sessions for a issues of emotional wellness, for things like stress or trauma, insomnia, grief, anxiety, depression, and fear.

Judy Joo

FLATIRON | Recommended by: Peisin Yang Lazo

Peisin began seeing Judy Joo for bi-weekly treatments when she was having back problems, and says that the in-demand acupuncturist is amazing. Dr. Joo also helped Peisin get off of birth control pills, which she called a “hormonal rollercoaster.” Offering treatment for a range of physical and psychological issues, Dr. Joo is a licensed doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine, a board certified herbalist, and has masters degrees in traditional oriental medicine as well as in mental health counseling/psychotherapy.

The Herban Alchemist

SOHO | Recommended by: Susan Alexandra

The Herban Alchemist is Dr. Gabrielle Francis, a certified Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Licensed Massage Therapist. Susan called her “an all around healing human” who “changed my life.” Dr. Francis has been practicing natural medicine for over 30 years and brings together the principles and treatments from her various areas of training and expertise in natural medicine. She is focused on highly individualized attention to each patient, keeping her practice small so she can create customized and long-term treatment.

Maha Rose Healing Center, recommended by Erika Spring, Sara Radin & Carrie Schaff (image courtesy    The Naturalista   )

Maha Rose Healing Center, recommended by Erika Spring, Sara Radin & Carrie Schaff (image courtesy The Naturalista)

New Land Chinese Reflexology Center

CHINATOWN | Recommended by: Rachael Yaeger

With over 15 years serving its community in Chinatown, New Land Chinese Reflexology Center has grown along with the growing popularity of acupuncture and holistic health. Their therapies focus on treating pain from injury and accidents, as well as stress relief and relaxation through a combination of therapeutic massage and acupuncture.

Treatment by Lanshin

WILLIAMSBURG | Recommended by: Tamara Santibanez , DANA DRORI

Treatment by Lanshin is a holistic healing studio offering holistic, energy-based therapies. Tamara particularly recommends their treatments for skin issues. They offer Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Dermatology, internal Chinese medicine customized to each patient to treat problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disease. To support this treatment, Acupuncture Skin Rehab helps soothe the nervous system stress while receiving the internal Chinese herbal medicine for resolving the aforementioned skin issues as well as rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

Eastern Scholars

KOREATOWN | Recommended by: Dasha Faires

Dasha recommends Chris Chen, founder of Eastern Scholars and licensed acupuncturist. Chen has studied Dong Han Chi Gong and Energetic theory, and uses the ancient practice of pulse diagnosis in his treatment and application of acupuncture. In his practice, he not only treats the symptoms of issues such as digestive disorders and autoimmune disease, but provides instruction on adopting an overall healthy lifestyle that is focused on healing the whole being.

Bae Acupuncture

WILLIAMSBURG|Recommended by: Molly Surno

Bae Acupuncture has been in Williamsburg for about ten years, and its founder, James Bae, has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 20. He is most well-known for his treatment of women’s health issues, including fertility, as well as his fusion of traditional eastern medicine with contemporary psychotherapy, particularly in his clinical approach to psycho-emotional and mood disorders. In his practice, Bae emphasizes the important relationship between mind and body in achieving wellness.

Tigerlily Holistic, recommended by Jenna Wortham (Image Courtesy Tigerlily Holistic)

Tigerlily Holistic, recommended by Jenna Wortham (Image Courtesy Tigerlily Holistic)

Worksong Community Acupuncture

GREENPOINT | Recommended by: Peisin Yang Lazo

When Peisin was looking for a more affordable acupuncture option, she tried Worksong Community Acupuncture and had a great experience with the community style treatment. As a member of the Community Acupuncture Network—a group of nearly 200 clinics nationwide—WorkSong’s treatment rates range from $25-$50 on a sliding scale and are performed in a communal setting. With certified eight practitioners with varying styles and specialties, the clinic has services to meet any and all needs.

Tiger Lily

BUSHWICK | Recommended by Jenna Wortham

Another community acupuncture clinic, Tiger Lily is recommended by Jenna Wortham, a passerby for whom holistic health and wellness is an area of passion. Like other community practices, treatment fees are on a sliding scale, with no proof of income required. Depending on patient needs, Tiger Lily brings in related techniques such as moxibustion, tui na, cupping, e-stem, and gua sha when appropriate to aid in treatment.