Wellness & Self-Care at CAP Beauty

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CAP Beauty brings a carefully selected range of products and brands that are actually kind to our bodies.

You don’t have to be a health nut to appreciate the natural beauty store’s mission. Passersby like Charlotte Hundley and Laura Helms visit the Greenwich Village store to shop for products from brands like RMS Beauty, Tata Harper, Lauren’s All Purpose, One Love Organics, Pai, Marie Veronique, Kypris, and many more.

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CAP Beauty has reached a cult-like status amongst New Yorkers who try to live their lives a little more like Gwyneth Paltrow. To bring only the best quality to its customers, the company makes it a point to research and promote only natural products for healthy living.  

The West Village storefront matches the simplicity and purity of its products by boasting a unique design and relaxing pink tones to create a beautiful environment for a spa.

The owners, Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima, have turned CAP Beauty from a web store into a physical space that takes its status as an online scene for natural beauty gurus into a cool downtown spot. The spa at CAP Beauty offers natural skin care facials, a method for brow shaping called "sugaring," and acupuncture sessions.

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Visit CAP BEAUTY at 238 w 10th st, new york, ny 10014.