The Best Scents and Fragrances for Your Home

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A good way to relax can be a simple as lighting a scented candle or burning some Palo Santo wood sticks. We investigate the best scents that will help you unwind and stay calm.

We noticed that fragrances are a big part of a women's routine, from lighting an incense to burning a candle to help relax, below are some of the most popular brands of scents, often from perfume makers, that have also forayed into home fragrance.



Recommended by lizania cruzclaire macdonaldKaty Hallowell, Trelawny DavisStephanie DanlerCaitlin Mcmullen, kristi garced, Alaa Balkhy, and Angie Venezia

The candles of Diptyque are the most recommended and popular choice for the women of Passerbuys, particularly when the candles is done burning. Besides its variety of scents, the glass container is also often used for storing makeup and other items or trinkets.

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Palo Santo

recommended by Nadia Bedzhanova, Sarah Kinlaw, Alex Vaughn, Naiylah Warren, Jessie Webster, Atafeh Karimi, and ivy weinglass

NYC passerby Nadia Bedzhanova says, "Palo Santo wood sticks are the best!" For NYC passerby Sarah Kinlaw's nightly routine, Palo Santo is an essential part, "I clear my mind and wash off my body. I like to make the room smell nice with some Palo Santo, avoid screens, and get in some reading."

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Burnin' For You

Recommended by ivy weinglassSusan Alexandra, Cara Flaherty, and Jasmine Imani

NYC passerby Susan Alexandra says, "[Burnin' for You makes] such beautiful scents, and each evoke a time and place." The brand takes pride in its scents that take on olfactory memory, or a recollection of odors. The comfort of familiarity through scent is what makes this candle brand popular on Passerbuys.

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Le Labo

recommended by alison roman, Molly Youngolivia flemingLauren Nikrooz and Stephanie Danler

For NYC passerby Lauren Nikrooz, the choice is Santal 26, and Sweetbitter author Stephanie Danler sticks with Palo Santo. Whatever your scent, Le Labo remains a niche perfume and candle brand that brings an energizing freshness to any room.

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Room Oils

Recommended by Naiylah Warren, mimi packerDasha Faires and Angie Venezia

NYC passerby Dasha Faires says, "Anything with rose. I have super sensitive skin and can't do scented laundry detergent or fabric softer so instead I throw a couple of drops of Aura Cacia Rose Otto from Whole Foods into the wash and my clothes smell amazing." While Producer, Mimi Packer, recommends using a Muji aroma diffuser with Aura Cacia Lavender Oil and drink Organic India Tulsi Caffeine Free Tea, Sweet Rose.

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Recommended by Dasha Faires, victoria hoff and Fariha Róisín

The home fragrances of Byredo also come in a variety of scents, similar to its other fragrant products. They are handmade and all set in mouth-blown glass vessels. LA passerby Victoria Hoff says, "I definitely gravitate towards earthy and really unique scents—lots of D.S. & Durga, Byredo, and local indie brands."

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Maison Louis Marie

recommended by claire macdonald Natalie Pace, nicole najafi & Victoria Hoff

For a company that started in 1792, Maison Louis Marie continues to supply a floral tradition to its scents, especially with its luxury candles.

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Other candle recommendations include The Sphinx & the Priestess (as recommended by Laura Helms), Lit Brooklyn (as recommended by Christina Coleman), LA Original Candle in Canyon Sage (as recommended by Puno Dostres), and Haremesque (as recommended by Jenna Wortham).


Words by Jessica Joyce Jacolbe