Shopping at The Frankie Shop

The Frankie Shop Passerguides
In its store on the Lower East Side, The Frankie Shop offers pieces from brands like Rachel Comey, LOQ, Apiece Apart, Laura Lombardi, and more.

Recommended by Haley Nahman, Dasha Faires, Nicole Najafi, Mathilde HamartLauren Caruso, and Alyssa Coscarelliand with an inventory that represents so many of the brands recommended by passersby, we stopped by the store on Stanton Street to browse their current selection.

The Frankie Shop Passerguides

The pieces you’ll find in the racks at The Frankie Shop are easy-to-wear and casual with a sophisticated touch—more unique than what you’ll find at big retailers, but adaptable to any wardrobe. In addition to designers with quickly recognizable names, the shop also carries international labels from places like Australia, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, and Spain.

Non-toxic nail polishes from J. Hannah, unique fragrances from Bon Parfumeur, and other beauty finds are spread out on a table between jewelry and accessories.
The Frankie Shop Passerguides

Alongside The Frankie Shop’s collection of womenswear and accessories, you’ll find home goods, like stationery embossed with phrases like “Bad Bitch” across the top and pottery molded into the shape of breasts.

The Frankie Shop also has a Paris location, in Le Marais. If you’re not in either city, you can still shop their curated collection in their online shop (their Instagram is also full of temptation...I mean inspiration).

The Frankie Shop passerbuys

Visit The frankie shop at 100 stanton st, New York, NY.

Words by Kate Palisay & Photography by Caitlin Rance