Record Shopping at Commend Records

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This small marketplace set up by indie record company, RVNG Intl, boasts a collection of records and tapes from a variety of artists. It also serves as a gallery space for a mindful and socially aware community of artists.

Down in the Lower East Side, the historic neighborhood that has defined "cool" for the rest of the world, lies Commend Records. Recommended by passerby Heba Kadry, this is the spot not just for affordable vinyl records but also books, art pieces, and clothes to supply every aesthetic. The shop is overseen by the Brooklyn-based RVNG Intl, a reliable source for the latest in music and art.

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Besides holding a collection of selected vinyl records, the shop takes pride in all its products that were handpicked and editorially curated to keep its customer in mind. From clothes to ceramics, each piece is purposely placed in a spot related to the overall theme and mission of Commend, which is to support the community of artists and craftspeople that keep this shop thriving. 

Doubling as a gallery space, Commend has hosted events such as poetry readings, social policy discussions, town hall meetings with ADAPT Community Network, and DJ sets from Buscabulla for hurricane relief in Mexico and Puerto Rico.
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The shop connects customers to their niche art worlds but also to many supportive and social causes. By hosting events that provide education on local to international policy issues, members of the Commend community stay informed on the issues that affect their city and the people around them. From creative statement workshops to guided meditation, the shop also stands as a place for self-care. 

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As the Manhattan extension to RVNG Intl, music stays priority. You can collect and complete that cassette tape collection that you started as a kid and finish it off today with a new and eclectic modern taste. 

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Visit COMMEND RECORDS at 172 Forsyth St, New York, NY 10002.