Where to Buy the Best Bedding

A good night’s sleep only gets better when buried in the best and comfiest bed sheets.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to getting comfortable in bed just to get ready for the next day. If we're aiming for seven to nine hours of sleep at night, then it might as well be in the best bed sheets. Besides a mattress, bed sheets and pillowcases are often what keeps most adults from getting a good night's sleep. Synthetic materials often trap heat, so linen or Egyptian cotton often helps with keeping cool. According to the recommended bedding brand, Parachute, it's best to buy new bedding every 18 to 24 months or changing our sheets every season. Since we're now in the beginning of spring, here are some options for new sheets to sleep in, as recommended by the women on Passerbuys.

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Recommended by Olivia Fleming, Molly Surno, Ivy Weinglass, Beverly Nguyen, Nicole Najafi & Alyssa coscarelli

Industry Standard founder, Nicole Najafi, says, "I love bedding from Parachute, my friend’s company that is woman-owned." Parachute prides itself on being designed in Venice Beach, CA and responsibly manufactured around the world, with factories in the U.S., Italy, Turkey, and Portugal. Its bed sheets are made of 100% Egyptian cotton which makes for a cool night's sleep, no sweat. 

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Recommended by Mimi Packer, Ana Giraldo-Wingler, Janine Lee, Hallie Gould & Verena Michelitsch 

If there's anything that customers or Brooklinen really want us to start doing, it's to start sleeping in linen with its limited edition collection. By selling quality products with the finest threads at a fair price and simple delivery, Brooklinen wants to create a hasslefree experience. 

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Recommended by Fariha RoisinBeverly Nguyen 

Besides carrying quality products with the finest materials, Muij has bedding including duvet covers, fitted sheets, and pillowcases in its organic cotton pre-washed bedding series. There are also many lightweight linen options. The company, founded in Japan, wants to create a streamlined manufacturing process with simplified packaging.

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Recommended by Glynn Connolly & Eva Goicochea 

The core of Matteo, based in Los Angeles, is its manufacturing with innovative fabrics from all over the world. The quality craftsmanship unique to Matteo makes for a slower manufacturing process but more quality products as a result. In addition to apparel, the bedding collection includes material like cotton, linen, and sateen.

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recommended by Olivia La Roche & mina alyeshmerni

"There is a lot of high-quality linen bedding brands on Etsy, mostly made to order in Lithuania. It's a fraction of the price of 'designer bedding' and way better quality," says vintage retailer, Olivia La Roche. Besides sticking with big brands, Etsy is home to many independent sellers who have equally desirable and quality bed sheets.

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