The Best Places To Go Shopping in NYC, LA, Paris & London

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From New York and LA to Paris and London, these are the most recommended shops that have been featured and frequented by passersby.

There's no shortage of places to shop, both online and offline, from Reformation to Bergdorf Goodman. We help you filter through all the shops by providing you with the brand names they carry and where you can find them.


Reformation (NYC & LA)

recommended by Jasmine Imani, Allie Berman, Laura Helms, Katy Hallowell, Stephanie Danler, Alyssa Coscarelli, Abby Bencie, Kelsey Garcia, Janelle Anne, Kristi Garced, Jameela Jamil, Ly Ngo, Anna Deutsch, Dana Drori, Ellis Jones, Erika Spring, Mandisa Wright, Lyndsey Butler, Natalia Mantini, Hallie Gould, Holly Falcone, Dasha Faires, Naura Keiser, Emily Theobald, Heba Kadry, Emma Ramos, and Jo Rosenthal

It’s one of the most popular brands on Passerbuys for a reason. The sustainable clothing brand has been recommended for its effortless silhouettes and contemporary yet classic designs. While it is popular online, the shops with smart technology in NY and LA have gained popularity in recent years.

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Maryam Nassir Zadeh (NYC)

recommended by Jameela Jamil, Caitlin Stasey, Lauren Caruso, Olivia La Roche, Cassi Gibson, Soraya Ahoubim, Marion Lange, Fariha Róisín, Natalie Fält, Charlotte HUndley, Nicole Steriovski, Marjon Carlos, Kayla Tanenbaum, Alix Gutiérrez, and Lisa Przystup

Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s accessories and footwear are an obvious favorite, and the designer’s concept store on the LES’s Norfolk Street is no exception. Writer and NYC passerby Kayla Tanenbaum says, “I really love minimalism in interesting proportions. I tend to wear neutrals or earth tones (except bright red, I love bright red). I very much want to be a Maryam Nassir Zadeh girl.”

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Creatures of Comfort (NYC & LA)

recommended by Alison Roman, Caitlin McMullen, Suzzan Atala, Diana Yen, Noemie Le Coz, Kayla Tanenbaum, Dana Drori, Dasha Faires, Kristi Garced, Charlotte HUndley, and Sybil Domond

Founded in 2005 by Jade Lai in Los Angeles, this boutique that carries rare and upscale labels has reached enough popularity that an additional flagship store was opened in NYC in 2010. Suzzan Atala of Tuza Jewelry, as featured on Meet the Makers, has collaborated with the brand for the SS17 season featuring a pair of chandelier earrings they designed.

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Opening Ceremony (NYC & LA)

Recommended by Caitlin McMullen, kristi garced, Holly Falcone, Anastasia Patellis, Lauren Nikrooz, Jameela Jamil, and Hallie Gould

Opening Ceremony is a retailer that carries many popular names from Acne Studios and Adidas, to Susan Alexandra and Vans. NYC passerby Lauren Nikrooz recommends the Opening Ceremony collection, adding that “They have a good mix of new and cool designers.” For her profile, Jameela Jamil says, “I shop at Opening Ceremony a lot which is where my ridiculous purple faux fur coat and absurd Moschino giant glove handbag is from.”

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Sincerely, Tommy (NYC)

Recommended by Fariha Róisín, Nicole Steriovski, Kayla Tanenbaum, Caitlin Mcmullen, Sue Williamson, Yousra Elbagir, Lisa Mayock

Featured in one of our passerguides, Sincerely, Tommy, is a concept store where “[brands] have been sourced from both local makers and artists overseas that [owner] Avent-deLeon has discovered during her travels.” NYC passerby Sue Williamson adds, “I love stores that are about more than just clothes, like Sincerely, Tommy.”

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Individual Medley (LA)

recommended by Mariana Orkenyi, Jessie Webster, Nada Alic, Victoria Hoff, and Natalie Fält

Opened in 2012, this boutique in the LA neighborhood of Atwater Village has a carefully curated selection of clothes and unique goods inspired by the community. Editor Victoria Hoff says, “Individual Medley [has] minimalist clothing and beautiful homewares from local and indie designers.”

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Bird (NYC & LA)

recommended by Claire MacDonald, Verena Michelitsch, Cara Flaherty, Sarah Eaton, and Caitlin McMullen

This Brooklyn store opened in 1999 as a source for locally and sustainably produced independent collections made by new and upcoming designers. The people behind Bird take pride in promoting eco-friendly values to its community by supporting intelligent designs that keep the local customer in mind.

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Sessun (Paris)

recommended by Erin allweiss, Alexandra Whiting, Eloise Bosredon and Clémence Vazard

Artist Clémence Vazard says, “I choose to buy good quality things that don't wear out and that I really love because they represent who I am. Not because they are fashionable this season. That said, the only brand and shop I like to go to is the Sessun boutique.” With a brick and mortar space in Paris, the Sessun brand can also be shopped online internationally.

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Anthom (NYC)

recommended by Ashley Turchin, Éva Goicochea, and Erin Allweiss 

Featured on Meet the Makers, Anthom was founded by Ashley Turchin in 2013 who “already anticipated the shifting direction of retail, and built a store that offered consumers more than just another place to mindlessly pick up new additions to their wardrobes.” This flagship store in Lower Manhattan carries upscale brands and emerging designers of clothing and accessories.

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Squaresville (LA)

recommended by Nada Alic, Alix Gutiérrez, and Sarah Winshall

This store, created in 1996, is filled with two stories of vintage and used clothing, including many designer pieces, for you to comb through. Producer Sarah Winshall says, “I have a bi-annual clothing swap that is great for refreshing the wardrobe without spending money. Squaresville in Los Feliz is great for vintage.”

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Bergdorf Goodman (NYC)

Recommended by sarah eaton, Holly Falcone and kristi garced

The iconic department store on Fifth Avenue is home to many high-end designer and gorgeously made pieces, especially its large collection of shoes as recommended by NYC passerby Kristi Garced. NYC passerby Holly Falcone says in her profile, “There's definitely something I love about each and every retail institution from the dollar store to Bergdorf Goodman.”

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Christy Dawn (LA)

recommended by Sara Haile and Stephanie Danler

Author of Sweetbitter and LA passerby, Stephanie Danler, says, “[My best friend] Alex McKenna has been dressing me for over a decade! Tons of vintage, ReformationChristy DawnRag & Bone.” Featured in her Guide to LA, the Christy Dawn showroom is home to vintage-inspired pieces made from local fabrics and sustainability in mind.

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Wasteland (LA)

recommended by Melissa Broder and Zan Goodman

This high-end boutique carries vintage clothes, both used and new, for those looking for an edgy look that goes beyond trends. Designer Zan Goodman says, “I like to mix fun, weird vintage stuff with basic staples like a black mini or high-waisted jeans. My secret spots are the petite section of ASOS and Wasteland in LA.”

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Rellik (London)

Recommended by rian fossett

Opened in 1999, this independently owned boutique has curated a selection of vintage pieces back from the 1930s until present day. NYC passerby Rian Fossett says, “Rellik in London is my absolute favorite store in the world for vintage. Literally every time I go there I get a couple pieces that I end up wearing on the regular for more than five years.”

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Other shopping recommendations include Totokaelo in New York (as recommended by Noemie Le Coz, Melissa Flashman, Leta Sobierajski, Dianna Cohen, and Naura Keiser), Crossroads Trading in Los Angeles (as recommended by Julia Corsaro), and Kaight in Brooklyn (as recommended by Elizabeth Novogratz).