Shop the Movie / The Royal Tenenbaums


Shop The Movie / The Royal Tenenbaums


What goes better with the holidays than a little classic Wes Anderson family dysfunction — and nobody, really - nobody, does family as weird as the Tenenbaums...

So when you have the chance to step away from the gravy and your crazy aunt to take a breather, check out this Margot Tenenbaum inspired Shop the Movie. She's an icon to all of us one way or another. From the death glare, to the neo-punk-prep style, we really do kind of want to be her. Thanksgiving really brings out the Margot in all of us, so lift your glasses, touch up your eyeliner and throw on that fur coat — here's to Margot. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! (Imagine we said that in a very dry and unenthused manner). 

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