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Shop The Movie / 200 Cigarettes


200 Cigarettes is essentially the movie version of the white pages for Hollywood...

The entire film is set on New Years Eve (good timing, right?) and stars just about everyone — and a kind of random everyone at that. We actually are going to list the names just to prove how odd the group is: Ben Affleck, Kate Hudson, Courtney Love, Casey Affleck, Christina Ricci, Paul Rudd, Dave Chapelle and Gaby Hoffman. It's like a winter version of Wet Hot American Summer. So, all the more reason to love it and to shop it. Get your festive disco ball look on à la Courtney Love and Christina Ricci. 

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There's nothing like a melodramatic Paul Rudd, unbearable Manhattan traffic and the undeniable need to save on cab fare to get you from one year to the next.