The Best Albums of 2018

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Many favorite artists and popstars returned this year with heavy hitters, and we’ve compiled the best albums recommended by passersby.

At the end of the year, it’s hard to come up with a consensus on music without the help of recommendations from passersby. Pop stars have shared the stage with indie artists in 2018, and the results are a wide enjoyable scope of a playlist. Be sure to check out the playlists of the women of Passerbuys from around the world that we featured this year over on Spotify.

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Honey by Robyn

recommended by Mimi Packer, Angie venezia, Natalie O’Moore, Natalie Fält, Erika Spring

In the most recommended album by passersby, Robyn has graced us with her first solo album in eight years, Honey (Konichiwa, Interscope). The album catches us in our emotions with pop songs that always lead us to the dancefloor no matter where we are.

Listen to album here

Negro Swan by Blood Orange

recommended by Holly Liss, Mariana Orkenyi, Natalie Fält, Jenna SaracoErika Spring

In this fourth studio album by Dev Hynes also known as Blood Orange, Negro Swan (Domino) delivers a range of alt-pop, R&B, indie music with world-weary tracks about black depression and his childhood in England.

Listen to album here

Age Of by OPN

recommended by Mina Alyeshmerni, berverly Nguyen, mimi packer, Natalie Fält

Age Of (Warp Records) is the eighth studio album by American electronic producer Oneohtrix Point Never, released in June, and tenth album from Daniel Lopatin in this collaborative project.

Listen to album here

Sweetener by Ariana Grande

recommended by Amy quichiz, Natalie Fält, Nat Guevara

Filled with songs about love and reflection, Sweetener (Republic) is an ideal pop album by Ariana Grande, who has achieved a significant diva status backed up by the hits on this fourth studio album.

Listen to album here

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe

recommended by Fatima Jones, Naiylah Warren

Dirty Computer (Atlantic) was one of the most innovative albums of the year filled with lush pop music and crafted by none other than the brilliance of Janelle Monáe.

Listen to album here

Us by Empress Of

recommended by caitlin mcmullen, Natalie Fält

Lorely Rodriguez’s debut album, Us (Terrible Records), brought a new and refreshing record by introducing us with her alt-pop R&B music and gave a second album filled with contributions from Blood Orange's Dev Hynes, DJDS, and Pional.

Listen to album here

Chris by Christine and the Queens

 recommended by Angie venezia, Erika Spring

Hélöise Letissier is the electric lead singer and songwriter of French pop-funk group Christine and the Queens which released Chris (Because Music), the second studio album.

Listen to album here

Con Todo El Mundo by Khruangbin

recommended by Suzanne Middlemass, Mariana Orkenyi

Released in January, Con Todo El Mundo (Night Time Stories) is the second album by the Houston-based alternative/indie group with heavy influences from Thai funk music which helped create a unique and laidback record.

Listen to album here

Dancehall by The Blaze

recommended by noemie le coz, Mariana Orkenyi

Dancehall (ANIMAL 63) is the debut album of Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, the cousins behind French electronic music duo, The Blaze, with big beats enough to play large stages.

Listen to album here

A Star Is Born by Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

recommended by Angie venezia, caitlin mcmullen

The official soundtrack to the 2018 film, A Star is Born (Interscope) was released in October and filled with one of the biggest pop songs of the year, “Shallow,” sung by Lady Gaga which inevitably led people to the movie theaters.

Listen to album here


Scorpion by Drake

recommended by Holly Liss, Natalie Fält

With 25 tracks, Scorpion (Young Money) was the fifth proper studio album released by Drake filled with popular hits, including the infectious In My Feelings, which has been one of the soundtracks to the summer.

Listen to album here

amen dunes.jpg

Freedom by Amen Dunes

recommended by Cara Flaherty, Molly Young

Released in March, Freedom (Sacred Bones Records) was the fifth studio album by Amen Dunes, an American indie rock band, led by Damon McMahon.

Listen to album here

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Words by Jessica Jacolbe