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Passerguide: Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

With its shady, verdant streets and brownstones galore, Cobble Hill has long been a destination for families seeking upscale tranquility à la Prospect Park. But there is more to this out-of-the-way Brooklyn neighborhood than meets the eye, as Cobble Hill combines a charming small-town feel with a surprisingly dynamic culture and food scene. Yet it is unusually (and delightfully) low on tourist traffic and pretension, both impressive feats in NYC. Read on for our suggestions of how to make the most of out a day trip to Cobble Hill.

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A Starter’s Guide To Hosting

Hosting is a great way to get old friends together, or introduce new ones. However, if it’s your first rodeo, you may be asking yourself, “What do I serve?” “What music should I play?” “How will everyone interact with each other?” We know it seems like a lot - keep reading to ease your mind with tips and advice on what makes a great time.

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