Clemence Poles' Top Ten TV Shows of 2016

Image Courtesy of HBO
As 2016 comes to an end we’re looking back at our favorite tv shows of the year...

From brand new series to new seasons, these are the ultimate binge-worthy series you need to know about. These next couple of weeks really are meant for clicking that 'continue watching' button on Netflix — though we admit we're a little hurt every time it asks. (Yes, NetflixI really am going to watch this episode of The Office for the 52nd time.) But for these shows you'll definitely want to clear your schedule and hunker down to run through these episodes. Happy Bingeing! 

1. Atlanta

Atlanta is 2016's new comedy show written by and starring Donald Glover. The show centers around life in Atlanta with Alfred Miles, a hot up and coming rapper, and his entourage.

2. Togetherness

Togetherness follows two couples living together in Los Angeles. It catalogues their relationships as friends, couples and as individuals pursuing their dreams.

3. Better Things

Better Things revolves around the life of a single mom raising three teenage daughters and trying to hold onto her acting career. The brilliant writing is the result of the shows star, Pamela Adlon, and comic genius Louis C.K.

4. Transparent

Transparent is - in our opinion - one of the greatest shows of the decade. The Amazon show follows a family as they learn that their patriarch has kept his identity as a transgender person private from his children. We watch as family dynamics change, become raw and other family secrets come to light. 

5. Veep

Julia Louise-Dreyfuss plays VP Selina Meyer in this uber-successful HBO series that, very appropriately, released a new season right in the midst of the election. Personally, if she were real, we would've preferred a President Meyer than what we ended up getting. 

6. Narcos

This years new Netflix series follows infamous Colombian kingpin, Pablo Escobar. We alternate POVs between the Drug Enforcement Agency and Escobar as they play out their game of cat and mouse.

7. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

A weekly roundup of all things cultural and political - and generally relevant - with a splash of satire courtesy of John Oliver. Perfection.

8. The Night Of

In the era of Serial, Making a Murderer and The Jinx it should hardly come as a surprise that HBO contributed another series to add to the genre. The Night Of, an eight episode mini-series, explores an odd murder in New York City that brings in issues of culture and politics.

9. Stranger Things

This pick shouldn't come as a surprise as this kid crew has pretty much taken the world by storm. Stranger Things is set in 1980 in a small town in Indiana. The plot of this science fiction show follows the disappearance of a young boy from the town and the mysteries his friends and families have to unravel in order to find him. 

10. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is about a mentally unstable computer hacker in New York City. The show is wildly confusing and totally worth it. We want to think this is what Anonymous is like. Kind of. This show originally premiered in 2015, but released its second season just recently in fall 2016.