Best Tailoring Shops in New York City

Behind any wearable piece of clothing is an expert tailor who knew how to elevate your style and form. Every New Yorker must have her favorite place for getting her clothes fitted just perfectly, the way that its designer intended.

Instantly, that droopy silk caftan you picked up on a whim is approved for wearing to happy hour. Those long tweed pants you’ve been stuffing under your sweaters become fit for a weekend getaway. This fit can be drastically altered by releasing hems, shorting sleeves, or even adding darts. Function can be changed as well. Layers are removed, pockets tacked on, and lining added. Trusting a tailor with your new second-hand steal or beloved hand-me-downs doesn’t have to be intimidating. New York has no shortage of affordable, reliable tailors who are masters of their craft. Vintage clothing can be reborn in the hands of a tailor. Even ready-to-wear items can become more wearable with a few modifications.  From going uptown to off the beaten path, Passerbuys has your tailoring needs covered.


Ardian's Tailor / West Village

Recommended by Donna Baxter

Visit Ardian's Tailor at 5 Horatio St, NYC 10014


The Stanton Tailor / Lower East Side

Recommended by Tamara Santibanez

Visit The Stanton Tailor at 90-96 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002


The Tailoring Room / Lower East Side

Recommended by Jenna Saraco

Visit The Tailoring Room at 42 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002


Divine Touch Dry Cleaning / Midtown

Recommended by Angie Venezia

Visit Divine Touch Dry Cleaning at 41 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019


Cardelino Tailoring / Gramercy Park

Recommended by Melissa Flashman

Visit Cardelino Tailoring at 948 Broadway, New York, NY 10010


Chasing Tailor / Williamsburg

Recommended by Angie Venezia

Visit Chasing Tailor at 240 Broadway, Suite 204 Brooklyn NY 11211

Photo by Patrick Tabb, Courtesy Loren Manufacturing

Loren Denim / Greenpoint

Recommended by Zan Goodman & Ivy Weinglass

Visit Loren Denim at 80 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Natural Cleaners / Greenpoint

Recommended by Lexi Cunningham

Visit Natural Cleaners at 850 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222


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Words by Erika Veurink