Where To Get Film Developed in New York City

From Alfred Stieglitz, Berenice Abbott, and Helen Levitt through Diane Arbus and Richard Avedon to Robert Mapplethorpe and Nan Goldin, New York has a rich history of photographers capturing the cityscape and residents in new and thoughtful ways.

While New York photographers have an endless stream of inspiration and subjects, finding the right film developer is not as easy a task. With the decline of one-hour photo developers and the lack of space for a darkroom in most apartments, developing your film can become a slow process turned daunting when considering who to trust with processing your work and memories. Sometimes we need more than a pharmacy mail-out service, and we’ve all had an experience with prints coming back over- or underexposed, with crooked or cropped frames, or dusty. Looking for reliability and consistency in addition to convenience, we asked some passersby for their favorite places to develop film to find the spots with the best service, prices, and prints. Whether you’re building a portfolio of large format images or getting nostalgic with a disposable camera, we’ve got you covered.

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Color House / Little Italy

recommended by Allie Berman, Steph Krasnoff

Visit Color House at 177 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013


Sammy's Photo Lab Inc. / Lower East Side

Recommended by: Caitlin McMullen

Visit Sammy's at 27 Essex St, New York, NY 10002


The Darkroom / Online

Recommended by Rachael Yaeger

Visit The Darkroom


Luster Photo / East Village

Recommended by: Allie Berman, Caitlin McMullen

Visit Luster at 121 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009




Accurate Photoshop / South Slope

Recommended by Rachel Cabitt

Visit Accurate Photoshop at 639 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215--4809


Words by Mariel Kennedy