A Night at Le Pigalle

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Le Pigalle is a cool, contemporary boutique hotel that feels like a photographer’s city pad—the kind of space you’d find featured in Apartamento Magazine.

I've had such bad experiences with hotels in Paris—trendy boutique accommodations that lack both service and amenities—and had prepared myself for yet another comically small room. It was my pleasure to be wrong this time. At Le Pigalle, I was warmly greeted by a laid back staff (don't worry, not in a Brooklyn way) who showed me to my room, went over all the amenities, and gave me the keys (yes you get a set of keys with cute keychains). Service here is pretty genuine; you won't be harassed with a fake smile, and while the staff was very attentive, friendly, and helpful, it never felt over-the-top, which is how I personally prefer service. The hotel is located in the heart of one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris: Pigalle, known for its famous sex district and also where you can find some of the coolest restaurants and bars—a better-looking East Village, if you will.

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I typically like hotels that feel very "hotel"-like, with rooms that are far different from my own bedroom. But in this case, I felt super cozy, wanting to hide out and binge watch something for the day (but of course you don't do that when you're in Paris for 2 days.) 

Le Pigalle has an impeccable eye for details, from the record collection in the rooms to the incredible vintage pieces in the hotel—you just want to take everything home.
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After doing a little digging to learn about the concept behind the hotel—I got pretty curious by all the little objects and souvenirs in the room—I learned that the hotel brings in all its unique touches from the local community: everything from the art and books in the room to the flowers and baked goods. You even get a customized iPad with a pre-made playlist (the speakers in the room weren't working, despite them coming in trying to fix them, unfortunately.)

The first thing I look at when I get a hotel room is the bathroom and what products they have. I'm even willing to ignore other problems with an accommodation if my bathroom is stocked with Aesop products. Le Pigalle does it right, fronting Le Labo's Santal 33 lotions, shampoo and soap. 

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As a seeker of real recommendations, I particularly liked that the rooms had mini guide books with local spots. I strongly recommend a wine and cheese plate at L'Homme Tranquille!

If you're looking for a boutique hotel in a great neighborhood in Paris with service that actually feels personal, then I'd definitely check out Le Pigalle.

Visit Le Pigalle at 9, rue Frochot, 75009 Paris, France

Words & Photography by Clemence Poles