The 7 Most Popular Cameras Used By Passersby

From film to digital, the photographers featured on Passerbuys share their most used cameras for professional and personal use.

It only takes practice to be a good photographer. While digital cameras and DSLRs may come with a mix of settings and buttons, it takes time to master the art of photography. For film, it is a different kind of art to learn and follow light, as many passersby have. When using film cameras, don't forget to check out Where To Get Film Developed if you live in the New York City area. Many of the creative women featured on Passerbuys are either well educated in photography or self-taught in its art, but they all recommend many of the cameras below so that anyone can start practicing.


Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Recommended by Brianne Wills, Ysa PerezNatalia Mantini, Sara Haile, Puno Dostres, sunny shokrae & Nadia Bedzhanova

The Canon 5D is the most recommended camera on Passerbuys and used by photographers for professional use. When Puno Dostres first got her 5D, she mentioned, "Best tip is to shoot a lot. When I got my camera, I was shooting almost everyday in manual mode. Have a photographer friend explain to you Aperture vs. ISO vs. Shutter speed." For Ysa Perez, "Every few months, a consumer friendly DSLR comes out, so I just use what I got (Canon 5D). My work looks different from other people’s for a reason."

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Contax T2/T3 /G2

recommended by Ysa PerezNatalia Mantini, mina alyeshmerni, lauren MoetellNatalie O’Moore, & Beth Garrabrant

This compact point and shoot camera is the most recommended for its stylized photos with film. Ysa Perez said, "I fell in love with how crisp the images were. Contax got that Zeiss glass." Self-taught photographer Natalia Mantini says, "I love film, it’s better than digital and always will be, in my opinion. It looks so much more genuine and gives me more feeling than a digital camera ever could." When on the go, Mimi Packer says, "I like taking behind the scenes film photos when I go on shoots with my Contax."

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9/Mini 70/210

Recommended by Anna Deutsch, Nadia Bedzhanova, fariha roisin, sunny shokrae & Bianca Valle

Fashion editor Anna Deutsch recommends the portable Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Instant Camera that prints a 62mm x 46mm picture. In the same Fujifilm Instax family, director and cinematographer Nadia Bedzhanova recommends a Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Instant Wide that also prints an instant photo.

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Yashica T4

Recommended by Brianne Wills and holly mitchell

The Yashica T4 (also known as the Kyocera Slim T) was a 35mm compact camera from Kyocera with a high quality lens and a viewing window (waist-level finder) on the top of the body. Generally available in black, there was also a limited edition Safari model in green.

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Vintage Polaroid 

Recommended by Nadia Bedzhanovasunny shokrae, Brianne Wills, Natalia Mantini, & Daryl Oh

As part of her job, Nadia Bedzhanova says, "I started taking these polaroids in 2012 in New York." Photographer Natalia Mantini says, "A lot of my inspiration comes from film stills and the 1960s and 1970s. I shoot digital as well and probably as much as film. But when I can, I go to my Polaroid." 

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Olympus Stylus MJU-II (also known as Olympus Stylus Epic)

Recommended by Gia Salvaggio & Emily Theobald

Gia Salvaggio says, "I always carry a little analog camera to immortalize my everyday life." This compact point and shoot goes well for those who would like to try shooting with 35mm film. 

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Nikon FM2/FM10 

Recommended by Jenna Saraco & Rachel Cabitt

Photographer Jenna Saraco says, "I’ve always used Nikon, it’s what I grew up with. The first camera I shot on was a Nikon FM2, an early 80’s classic from my dad's collection." Photographer Rachel Cabitt recommends the FM10 version.

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