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Born in New Jersey, Rachel moved to NYC to go to art school at Parsons. Since then she's moved through working in the art world to having her own business making functional ceramics under the name Small Spells. After spending 2 and a half years with ceramics as her full-time job, she is now moving on to working on many other projects, mainly design projects and healing services. She gives tarot readings and is working on designing a tarot deck. In addition, she's been making t-shirts, giving stick n poke tattoos, and doing astrology posts on her Instagram, which have become really popular. 

Streetstyle details: Top, Viva VenaJacket, Carhartt ; Jeans, Acne ; Shoes, New Balance, Bag, Mansi Shah

 Top, Otherwild ; Jeans, Acne

Top, Otherwild ; Jeans, Acne

I’ve been an artist since I was born! I always drew & made things. I went to art school for fine arts & it’s only in the past few years that I’ve been focusing more on design.

Top, Otherwild ; Jeans, Acne

Every day is different as far as what I have lined up to do, but I try to get up around 8:30, shower & have coffee. Usually I grab my phone as soon as I wake up but I’ve been trying to take a sec to remember & think about my dreams and clear my mind for my coming day.
Ceramics was a fun hobby that became a business.

Rache's favorite beauty products

I’d like to be totally natural. I’d prefer to never think about makeup, and it took me a while to reconcile my vanity, which I don’t deny I have, with my distaste for traditional ideas of what women should do to look beautiful. I feel way more chill about it now, and more like, whatever works! I want most of all to look healthy & happy and some days you just need some help with that. I over-plucked my eyebrows when I was young so I always fill those in, and always do some eyeliner. Sometimes it’s fun to do a crazy Egyptian cat eye.

Top, Vintage ; Overalls, American Apparel ; Shoes, New Balance

I’ve always had a tomboy aesthetic but I’ve been embracing that more, and having more fun with it. Just wearing what makes me feel comfortable & playful. I shop 90% secondhand, mostly because I love the feeling of getting a lot of stuff when I shop & I can’t afford that otherwise. And you’re free to experiment more; if something is too weird to wear once you get home it’s no biggie.
  Top, Vintage ; Overalls, American Apparel

Top, Vintage ; Overalls, American Apparel

Rachel's favorite books

I discovered the “Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge” at my friend’s house & had to order it for myself. It’s full of small, relatable, positive little stories that help you open your mind & change your perspective, without being too hippie dippy.
 Top, Otherwild ; Jeans, Acne

Top, Otherwild ; Jeans, Acne

I throw everything, which is its own kind of amazing zen practice, but the real fun for me was always glazing, when I can play with pattern.
Ceramics was always about surface decoration for me— I was starting to care less about theoretical art practices & learning more about craft & design, and wanting to make more accessible things.
 2016 Calendar by Rachel Howe for sale

2016 Calendar by Rachel Howe for sale

Rachel's favorite beauty products

Anytime I look in the mirror & don’t like what I see, I chug water & immediately look better. Works on your mood too! Also I just discovered coconut oil helps everything too, it’s a really lightweight moisturizer for hair & skin. I have oily skin so always avoided moisturizer but coconut oil makes me glow.
I’ve always been into occult stuff, but it started as a true path for me about 4 years ago when I found these outlets for my interest. I was already learning how to do reiki & more about healing practices, when I had a tarot reading with Terry Iacuzzo, a well-known psychic, who immediately said she had to mentor me in tarot. I didn’t know anything about it at that point but it changed my life.

Dress, THML

Last year I started thinking about designing my own deck, and after simmering in my mind, I finally started the drawings for it. It takes a while because you really have to be connected & go deep into the meanings, and I want it to be a very clear & helpful tool for guidance for people. And look cool too!
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I get coffee at Variety on Graham ave, or Five Leaves if my friends are working. I love Suzume for ramen, Artist & Craftsman for art supplies, Beacon's Closet for clothing. 

When it's nice out I like to hang out at Cooper Park, it's small & very chill. 


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