Meet Trelawny Davis

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Working for a Passerbuys favorite and recommended brand, Parachute, was a natural turn in Trelawny Davis’ career. After starting out as an intern on political campaigns, marketing and social media was a perfect continuation of her storytelling and skills in branding, including her podcast, Bad Press. Businesses have come to realize the importance of unique voices in social media, and Trelawny understands it is the way for brands to get ahead.
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I start each day with some mellow music while taking a shower, usually Solange, Erykah Badu, or Lauryn Hill. As I get get ready, I listen to The Daily podcast. I’m not a breakfast person, but if I have time I’ll make tea or eat fruit before work. On the weekends, I am one-hundred percent a breakfast person.

on getting her start in marketing

I majored in Political Studies in college. After interning for the Massachusetts Democratic Party and Obama’s second presidential campaign, I realized I had a knack for storytelling, specifically social media. I got a position at Disney in their marketing division for games, and I was excited to try something new, like moving to LA and not DC. While I loved working for Disney, I wasn’t passionate about gaming, so I moved back to New York to work on the marketing team at west elm. I had always been in love with interior design and the Williams-Sonoma brands, so it felt natural to continue my path in marketing. 

on being the brand marketing manager at Parachute

Parachute has grown a tremendous amount since I started two years ago, but the team is still nimble so I wear a lot of hats. I work on a team of three people. We handle social media, events, partnerships, influencer marketing, and non-digital brand awareness campaigns. A typical day includes working with vendors for events, managing partnerships with external brands like the Madewell x Parachute collaboration, publishers like Kinfolk, Digg, or Design Love Fest, and strategizing our bedding + bath brand to more people. What I love about my job, first and foremost, are the people, and second, the free bedding. I'm only half joking about the latter. 

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I read “Fates and Furies” for a book club I started. It resonated with me in a way I can’t adequately describe and I’ve since re-read it. It was also Barack Obama’s favorite book of 2015, which will forever baffle me because the book is about a couple and their 20-year marriage. In no way does it strike me as a book Obama would read, much less love above all others in the year of 2015, but it makes the story all the more appealing to me.
— on her favorite books

on the importance of social media for brands

Since I first started working in marketing, social media has been an important advertising channel for brands. Perhaps what’s most notable is the importance for brands to have an authentic and unique voice and not rely on agencies to create campaign specific personas. I don’t believe traditional media (out of home campaigns, print advertisements, etc) is dead, but the power of digital and social media is undeniable. The brands that understand this are the ones who will put the companies who fail to adapt, out of business. 

on the importance of authenticity in branding

Don’t try to be someone or some brand that you’re not. Find your voice, keep it authentic, and let the content feel natural to who you are. I see consumer brands use memes in their social marketing. This may work for some companies, but not all. I’ve seen people try to mimic the content that top tier fashion bloggers create, but people see right through this. I believe that when you’re creating and sharing content for yourself, a true audience will find and follow you. If you’re creating for other people, you’ll constantly be chasing a fictional sense of validation which you’ll never quench.

on finding self-care through her podcast

Since having a career rooted in marketing in the home space, I missed not having politics or journalism in my life in a meaningful way. I started a podcast, Bad Press, with three of my college friends. We talk about pop culture, media, and politics. It’s one of my favorite forms of self-care because I’m doing something I love with no expectations, and it gives me an added sense of fulfillment that I don’t always find in my day-to-day life.

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It was an interesting transition. Two completely different cities, far apart, and the people could not be more dissimilar. Growing up in New York, I was always fascinated by California — the palm trees, beaches, a seemingly relaxed way of life. When I got the opportunity to move here, I didn’t think twice. Luckily for me, I had a handful of close college friends who were already here, so I was able to establish a truly incredible friend group of women whom I love.
— on moving to la from new york

on home decor

If you’re looking to spruce up your space but you’re on a budget, then take your time. My apartment wasn’t decorated overnight. It took years to gather all of the furniture pieces that now make up our home, and I’m glad we were able to find pieces that we loved over time, instead of spending a lot of money at once.

On shopping and style

My style is clean and casual. I always wear neutral tones. I own more white T-shirts and cream-colored sweaters than anyone should. I shop most frequently at Aritzia, Zara, and Madewell, but after working in home textiles, I have a newfound appreciation for linen and quality over quantity. I’ve found myself buying more statement outfits (read: jumpsuits) from AYR and A Piece Apart

on her beauty routine

I'll cleanse with Glossier's Milk Jelly Cleanser. I have dry skin so the biggest part of my skincare routine is staying moisturized. It starts with drinking plenty of water. You moisturize from the inside, people! I also use Aveeno's Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream which is an absolute game changer. Even if you don’t have eczema, I’d highly recommend it. Unless I’m going out on a weekend night, I like to keep my makeup routine pretty simple. For work, I just use bronzer, Glossier’s Cloud PaintBoy Brow, and Buxom Mascara.

on her haircare routine

I braid my hair each night and wrap my hair in a silk scarf before I go to sleep. In the morning, if wash it, depending on the day, I'll use Mixed Chick’s deep conditionerthen add Frizz Ease serum into it while soaking wet.

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Michelle Obama, Nancy Meyers, Whitney Houston, Timothee Chalamet, and Andy Cohen. Most likely we’d discuss Trump....and the real housewives.
— on her dream dinner party
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trelawny's favorite books

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff, This is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz

trelawny's favorite movies

Goodfellas, Call Me By Your Name, The Parent Trap, The Graduate, and honorable mention goes to every Nancy Meyers film ever.

trelawny's favorite places IN la

Best brunch: The Hart and the Hunter in West Hollywood. People always forget about this gem. Unlike the rest of WeHo brunch spots, it’s never too packed and you can always get a table without a reservation. They also have ricotta pancakes so there’s that.

Best lunch: I’m Jamaican so I’m biased, but if you’re down to venture to the valley and try something new, I recommend Sattdown Grill in Studio City: only 15 minutes from West Hollywood and the best Jamaican food you can get in LA. 

Best margarita: La Cabaña in Venice

Best bar: The rooftop of the Malibu Surfrider. It’s for hotel guests only but if you can, book a room and treat yourself to a staycation. I promise it’s worth it. 

- Photography by Maggie Shannon