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Meet Sandi Marx

Meet Sandi Marx, a comedian and storyteller, from White Plains who travels to the city multiple times in a week to pursue her true calling: performing. After raising three children, Sandi decided to get back to her roots and eventually won Moth slams seven times. She shares how she gained the confidence decades later, along with her creative process.

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Meet Natalie Guevara

Nat Guevara is the head of multi-platform and communications at Genius, the music media company centered on lyrics and music knowledge. Founder of The Afterglow, a forthcoming valentine to the classic New York City institutions and local haunts that are still with us. Born and raised in the tropics, but partial to cold weather. New Yorker for almost 15 years. Film lover for all her life.

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Meet Crystal Moselle

Crystal Moselle is a filmmaker best known for her debut, Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning documentary The Wolfpack, as well as her latest feature film Skate Kitchen. With a career defined by the unconventional and powered by social interactions, chance encounters and a dynamic editorial team, her life and travels routinely ask her to challenge her own perspective. Constantly in transit between reality and fantasy, she shares the habits and experiences that have brought her to her present.

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