Meet Suzanne Middlemass

Since completing her Fine Art degree in 2001, Suzanne spent the following years assisting before enrolling on a Diploma course in photography at the renowned, London College of Communication. Straight out of college, Suzanne started working for magazines, and in 2011, became a contributing Street Style photographer. Since then, her work in international publications include: Company, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Grazia, GQ, Hearst publishing, Hello Fashion, LOOK!, The Guardian, Women’s Health and Vogue, to name a few. Today, Suzanne travels the globe shooting street style and backstage at international fashion weeks for an array of universal brands and clients.


I wake up around 8.30 and do half an hour of yoga before I shower, once dressed and ready I make myself a decaf coffee and eat a protein bar whilst reading my emails.

On becoming a photographer

My interest in photography started at 16 when I would borrow my my dad's 35mm Nikon. However, it was whilst studying Fine Art at University where my passion really developed, but my professional career really kicked off after studying for a Diploma in photography a few years later. I had always been interested in fashion and social documentary photography, but never really considered street fashion as career. During my Diploma I did a few shoots and was immediately hooked! Once the course had finished I contacted a magazine and asked if they needed a street style photographer and it went from there. This was around the time when blogging was just starting out and taking off. As a creative, my work is ever-evolving, but as I get older, I understand more about myself and my work and where i want to take it.

On her favorite part of the job

People intrigue me, this job enables to meet new people all the time, which I love. I am interested in who they are, how they look, what they do and how they behave.

On Personal Growth and self-reflection

I like learning new things. It is important to me not to become stagnant in any areas of my life so at the end of each year, I write a list of all the new things I've experienced. My list contains photographs of each new pursuit which can range from eating a food, travelling and learning something new. It is important to me to recognise growth however big or small and to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I attended a Magnum Photos 3-day course with Martin Parr (who is one of my favourite photographers). The Fashion Magazine by Martin Parr was a signed and dated gift from him.
— on one of her favorite books

On The Price of Pursuing the perfect shot

Whilst in Paris a few seasons ago, after the Chanel show, I saw a funky pair of shoes walking off in the distance, so I started running to get a shot when I spotted a sturdy fence in my way, it was only 3ft high, so I decided to hurdle it...It didn't turn out well! My foot got caught in the wire and I flew through the air and landed in a slump on the concrete. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, a few models were leaving the show at the same time I was soaring towards the floor - it is more than likely that several photographers caught my antics on camera, not including the videographer's and several tourist with their iPhones out!

On Where she shops

I tend to shop online either on high street websites and Net-a-Porter or My Theresa. If also go into London shopping, I love Liberties, it’s a the perfect size for a department store! I would describe my style as smart/casual but i like keeping up with trends, I also try and add a whimsical accessory to show off a bit of personality, either with a funky pair of shoes or bag!

On Her beauty routine

My beauty routine consists of Creme de La Mer moisturising cream, which I apply morning and night and sometimes throughout the day - I'm obsessed! I also use the Creme de La Mer self tan every time i shower. Tip - I use Creme de La Mer hand cream on my feet, it is a great moisturise for dry feet!

On Her Nightly Routine

I either read or watch a movie, before getting into bed I put on my Creme de La Mer moisturising cream and fall asleep to a podcast, audiobook or TED talk.