Meet Nicole Hokayem

Nicole Hokayem Passerbuys
Nicole was born in Queens into a nurturing, neurotic & food-centric Lebanese family. Raised in restaurants in NY, Lebanon & FL. Studied Experimental Psychology /Gender Studies in New College of Florida. She moved to NY intending on pursuing social research but naturally ended up working for a Mediterranean inspired catering company. 
Outfit Details: Shoes,    Adidas

Outfit Details: Shoes, Adidas

Outfit Details: Top & Skirt, Theory ; Shoes,    Adidas

Outfit Details: Top & Skirt, Theory ; Shoes, Adidas


A morning is something that I am lacking in my life. My call times are pretty early which leaves little time for anything beyond the basics. I brush my teeth, floss & mouthwash, (try to) tame my hair & find matching socks while chugging a cup of water. Don’t have time for breakfast at home but eat a Fage yogurt at work or make up for it during family meal.

ON HER family

I’m first generation American & grew up in a very food-centric Lebanese household. My dad traveled the world studying food before settling in NYC as a Chef. I was pretty much raised in a restaurant & totally spoiled. 

On Personal Style

I shop vintage a lot at Beacons Closet, Fox & Fawn & Worship conveniently located near my apt.

I like high waists & interesting shapes. I’m afraid of too many colors sometimes so like to play with textures; simple, comfort and minimal effort. I often play with mixing tight and loose silhouettes.

I really enjoy wearing white but always seem to manifest Cholula spills when I try to pull it off at work.

Nicole Hokayem Passerbuys
My beauty routine is super limited. I wear orange lipstick on special occasions & have to choose between mascara or eyeliner as to not look too doe eyed.
— On her beauty routine

On Her haircare routine

I don’t shampoo. Just condition & brush. That’s it really. When the season changes and my scalp gets dry I apply olive oil to my scalp before showering.

On cooking

I’m super inspired by Lebanese cuisine and eating a lot of seasonal veggies. I tend to cook in a mezze-style (a lot of hummus, pickles, radishes, olives, cheese, savory yogurts, lentils stews & fresh veggies.) Olive oil, lemon, garlic & z’ataar are my go to. I like mushy things. 

I always assume I haven’t made enough so I tend to be gluttonous with my portions and force feed people - and then have an anxiety attack when I realize I’m turning into my mom.

ON HER ideal day

An ideal day would entail waking at a decent time, watering my plants, drinks 3 personal french presses, have people over for shakshuka + zaatar pita, go for a little bike ride with buddies, play tennis, stretch & drink a negroni in bed doing some evening reading.

Outfit Details: Top, American Apparel ; Pants, Kenzo

Outfit Details: Top, American Apparel ; Pants, Kenzo

Nicole Hokayem Passerbuys

Nicole's Favorite Books

Blue of Noon by Georges Batailles

The Architecture of Happiness by Alain de Botton

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

The Lebanese Kitchen by Salma Hage

Nicole's Favorite Places

Best Middle Eastern Brunch: Cafe Mogador’s 

Best Ramen: Chuko Ramen 

Best Cheap + Vegan Ethiopian: Cafe Bunna 

Best Thai: Pok Pok 

Best Oysters: Rockaway Raw Bar 

Best Coffee: La Colombe & Blue Bottle

Best Books: MolassesTopos or McNally JacksonPrinted Matter & The New York Public Library

Best Tennis Courts: Myrtle Willoughby Rec

Best Cinemas: Cobble Hill Cinemas or Nitehawk Cinemas  

Streetstyle Details: Top, Ann Taylor ; Pants,    H&M    ;    Shoes, Adidas    ; Bag, Vintage

Streetstyle Details: Top, Ann Taylor ; Pants, H&M ; Shoes, Adidas ; Bag, Vintage