Meet Natalie Pace

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Natalie moved to New York City five years ago after studying politics and art history at the University of Virginia. She now works in brand marketing and partnerships for West Elm. Down in the East Village with her roommate Annie, they share a teensy little apartment where Allen Ginsberg wrote the poem Howl. When it comes to NYC life, she loves to check out galleries with friends and try all the Italian and Chinese restaurants the city has to offer.
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Top: Vivian Chan Mae Top ;  Jeans:    DL 1961 Hepburn High Rise Wide Leg Jeans

Top: Vivian Chan Mae Top; Jeans: DL 1961 Hepburn High Rise Wide Leg Jeans


I start my day around 6:45, usually 7, and throw on some workout clothes and run along the East River. It still amazes me that I have become a morning exercise person, but I now find it’s the only time I have in my day to work out! After running, I shower, dress, and then make coffee.  I like to take at least 20 to 40 minutes to sit, drink coffee, and read the news or a book. More often than not, I check my emails and scroll through Instagram.


I studied politics and art history in college, so my job in brand marketing was definitely something that I fell into and came to love. My first job out of school was in PR at a startup fashion brand. Two and a half years later, I was in an office with HR being told my position was eliminated. Not quite the best news to get when you’re 24 and can barely pay rent! After a pretty stressful month of interviewing around New York, I landed my job at West Elm in a brand marketing and events position. My job has since evolved to include partnership work. It’s a really fun and rewarding job that allows me to work with some of the best brands in the industry.


My favorite part of my job is meeting new people and collaborating with so many amazingly talented humans. I’m often so inspired by the people at West Elm. I find my job to be unique and fun. I feel very invested in my work which is something I think a lot of people can’t say. I’m so passionate about the brand and the amazing and innovative things we’re doing. It’s definitely a really exciting place to be. 

I started reading JD Salinger in high school. First, “The Catcher in the Rye,” and then “Nine Stories,” which is a collection of his short stories for The New Yorker. I read “Franny & Zooey” the summer of my freshmen year in college and have been re-reading it over the years. I also just finished the book, “The Rules Do Not Apply,” by Ariel Levy which has easily become one of my favorite books. It’s a memoir of Ariel’s life in New York and how she bent the rules to live the life she wanted.
— On her favorite books
Dress: Micaela Meyer Mayfair Shirtdress

Dress: Micaela Meyer Mayfair Shirtdress


In brand marketing, it’s always a plus to have a creative mind to be able to build campaigns that are exciting and engaging. I think it’s important to have a good eye and good taste to create marketing that people look at and are intrigued by, whether it be the message or design that caught their attention. With partnerships, it’s 100% about being a good collaborator. My team likes to joke that partnership work is like dating. You have to be a good partner by being attentive and cooperative but you also have to make sure you’re getting what you want out of the relationship.


I think getting your foot in the door at a young brand is a good way to start. I learned so much about branding by working at a startup. You are forced to work on many different parts of the business which helps you understand how a brand really operates. I think the best way to learn about partnership work is to follow the brands that do them well! I’m constantly inspired by different product collaborations and marketing partnerships I see brands pulling together.


One of my favorite projects was the Passerbuys Lounge we installed at Canal Street Market last April. I loved seeing it all come together, and it was fun to watch people interact with the space and the products. 

I’m also very proud of the work we did last February for Modernism Week. We outfitted a classic 1950s mid-century home in Palm Springs with all West Elm mid-century and new modern designs.

Dress: Micaela Meyer Mayfair Shirtdress; Couch:    Marco Couch

Dress: Micaela Meyer Mayfair Shirtdress; Couch: Marco Couch

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Everything I know about beauty I learned from my mom. She taught me to take care of my skin at an early age. I try and wear sunscreen everyday by wearing foundation with SPF. It’s not so much a secret, but I really believe in beauty sleep. I’ve become less of a night person and more of a daytime socializer. I think a good night’s sleep is really important when your work weeks are busy. I’ve found that just getting more sleep has made my skin look better.
— natalie's beauty tips
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Top: Micaela Meyer Bloomsbury; Jeans:    Rivet & Thread High Rise Slim Jeans

Top: Micaela Meyer Bloomsbury; Jeans: Rivet & Thread High Rise Slim Jeans


I love to go to museums and galleries. I religiously check the Time Out New York show listings each week. I’ve always been an art lover and really like the quiet of a gallery. It’s like an escape. I started getting into the habit of going to galleries when I started working really long hours. On the weekends, I needed a mental break and something to stimulate me, so I started to wander into museums and galleries alone. It’s become something that I really enjoy and a reminder that it’s possible to have hobbies and activities that you do on your own that are just for you and make you happy.


During the day, I put on a little foundation and wear NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. I love NARS lipstick colors, especially the darker ones, and wear the NARS Audrey lipstick to go out at night. I also use Dermablend Loose Setting Powder and NARS Bronzing Powder

For skincare, I am a big fan of Drunk Elephant. I use the JuJu Bar in the mornings and the Pekee Bar at night. I swear it has made my skin so much softer. I also use Herbivore’s Blue Tansy clarity mask at night. I also love Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator,  For perfume, I wear Antidris Cassis by Maison Marie Louie or Le Labo Rose 31.


I love to cook. Lately, I’ve been big into the Gjelina cookbook after becoming a huge fan of the restaurant from recent trips to LA. On weeknights, I’ll come home from work and pull out a cookbook or Food52 and try out a new recipe. I like that it’s a way to unwind without staring at yet another screen.

Natalie's favorite books

Just Kids by Patti Smith

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

Franny & Zooey by J.D. Salinger

NATALIE's Favorite Movies

Burn After Reading, Moonrise Kingdom, The Brothers Bloom, A Single Man

NATALIE'S favorite places

Brunch – Root & Bone

Dinner – Thursday Kitchen, Out East, Prune, Supper

Cupcakes – Butter Lane

Nail Salon – Chill House, Jin Soon East

Bar – Bar Belly, The Wayland

Wine Bar – Lois, Baci e Vendetta

Coffee – El Rey, Ludlow Supply

Florist – Flower Girl NYC

Gallery/Museum – New Museum


Top:    Maison Labiche Banana T Shirt   ; Jeans:    DL 1961 Hepburn High Rise Wide Leg Jeans   ; Clutch: Orphelia Square Wood Clutch

Top: Maison Labiche Banana T Shirt; Jeans: DL 1961 Hepburn High Rise Wide Leg Jeans; Clutch: Orphelia Square Wood Clutch