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Natalie was raised in Pennsylvania. She attended New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, where she named her major in Photography in Theory and Practice, earning her BFA. Now a freelance photographer specializing in portraits and fashion photography, Natalie is interested in the legacy of American road trip photography, self-portraiture, and the ability to create a feminine language through imagery. She is a member of PET, a platform for women filmmakers, musicians, and artists, and her photography was most recently exhibited in the PET group show, No One Here Gets Out Alive, of which she was also a curator.
Natalie o'moore passerbuys

Jeans: Rag and Bone

on her apartment

My apartment aesthetic is eclectic, colorful, kitschy. I built the shelves myself, and find furniture at CB2 and my friends’ parents’ garages!

on her personal style

I like going to vintage stores, or I will hunt something down online that I’ve been searching for forever, or I get a lot of hand me downs from friends. I go to the mall when I really need things though… Other than that I like Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Isabel Marant, Chloe, The Row — but can’t afford any of it. I’m into a rocker look with feminine touches.

on being a photographer

I really started to seek out what it meant to have a career as a photographer rather than as a hobby. I worked for production companies, assisted photographers and worked in other photographers’ studios to get a grasp on what it takes besides just sustaining a dedication to making pictures. I feel like my greatest challenge is getting as many eyes on my work as possible. My advice would be to shoot as much as you can — if that means forcing yourself to take 36 pictures of your feet a day, then do it. Just get in the habit of understanding what you’re attracted to and why, and what you feel makes a good picture versus a bad one. Study the photographers that you love — their life, their practice, their philosophies and the structure of their pictures. Study the photographers that you don’t like to understand why you don’t like their images and how you can make yours different than theirs. Self-promote and put your work out in the world as much as you possibly can — have a DIY attitude about everything.

Puno's favorite books
My beauty routine is essentially top eyeliner and lots of mascara.
— on her beauty routine
Puno's favorite books

on her favorite beauty products

For makeup, I like to use Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder, Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Baby Doll, Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion, and the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

on the German language

In German, there are words for really specific feelings or events that we are not able to conceptualize in English because we don’t have the vocabulary for it. Photographs are a language - they speak about certain emotions, experiences, they tell a story in a way that is entirely unique to the medium. I think that as a women, creating images of other women in which I get to look at them but also look at myself, can speak to certain feelings or a way of looking at the world that is unique to being female. I aim to essentially create a language through images that undermines the logic of the Male Gaze in order to invent a new dialogue that will help me see myself in the world.

on nan goldin

When I found Nan Goldin’s work while in college, I was really influenced by her creating art by photographing her friends. That started me on photographing the people around me all the time, and pairing art history with my life and images to view them in a historical context. 


Shirt: Vintage, Overalls: Rag and Bone

Shirt: Vintage, Overalls: Rag and Bone

Shirt: Vintage, Overalls: Rag and Bone

Shirt: Vintage, Overalls: Rag and Bone

natalie's favorite books

You Are a Message: Meditations for the Creative Entrepreneur by Guillaume Wolf, Discovering Korean Cuisine: Recipes from the Best Korean Restaurants in Los Angeles by Allisa Park, UCB Comedy Improvisation Manual by Matt Besser, Ian Walsh, and Matt Walsh, Cat & Gnome by Graham Roumieu, Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

natalie's favorite movies

Waking Sleeping Beauty, Jurassic Park, Gentlemen Broncos

natalie's favorite places in los angeles

 Sycamore Kitchen

 Kitchen Mouse

Go Get Em Tiger

 Skylight Books

 The Hammer Store at the Hammer Museum

 Raggedy Threads DT 

Top: Cocodune, Pants: Vintage Seafarer, Sunglasses: Phillip Lim, Shoes: Zara

Top: Cocodune, Pants: Vintage Seafarer, Sunglasses: Phillip Lim, Shoes: Zara

Photography by Rainbeau