Meet Naiylah Warren

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A large part of life is accepting and feeling our emotions, no matter how sad or exciting they may be. Naiylah Warren is a marriage and family therapist who has learned how to teach people how to avoid inhibiting their feelings and understand the benefits of therapy. Listed as one of Brooklyn Magazine’s 30 Under 30, her dreams don’t stop at helping people at different economic or social backgrounds, but also to support the colleagues who support her.
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My morning routine looks like hitting snooze at least three times before actually grabbing my phone to scroll through my notifications and crawling out of bed. On a good day, I put on my favorite Pandora station, get dressed, and grab coffee on my way to the subway. On a typical day, I stay in bed with just enough time to throw some clothes on and still grab coffee on the way to the subway. I have shied away from vitamins for the most part but I do take Sundown Naturals Biotin a few days before and during my menstrual cycle. I find it helps with my symptoms of PMS. I also recommend Finest Nutrition Hair, Skin, and Nails Pearls.

ON how she became a marriage and family therapist

I initially pursued fashion design in high school, but when I went to college I decided to get a BA in psychology and MS in Marriage and Family Therapy. I loved it, but struggled at it as a naturally creative person. Being dropped into a scientific field was tough. I found that counseling was just so interesting, and I ultimately wanted to help people. I looked into being a sex therapist, but grad school exposed me to Marriage and Family Therapy and I never looked back. Substance abuse was an accidental pursuit. I worked at my current clinic as an intern and it has exposed me to every therapeutic experience I could imagine. I have worked with at-risk youth as a student advocate, and I will be doing some relationship coaching at a few upcoming events. My colleagues have given me so much support through these years especially being in such a difficult field like substance abuse. It is crucial to have people you work with who can pour back into you as you pour into your clients. 

on her clients

I work with a spectrum of clients from different economic backgrounds, race/ethnic backgrounds, and gender and sexual identities. Throughout the years, I have mostly worked with homeless men of color. I try to get my clients back on track by providing them a space to process all of their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, but also to give them resources that can help them achieve their short and long term goals.

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My recommendations for someone who wants to become a therapist is to go to therapy first and intern in different settings. I wish someone would have told me that the field would be self-directed, and at times, financially underwhelming.
— On advice for aspiring therapists

on patients learning to accept emotions

Individuals who identify as addicts struggle to cope with uncomfortable emotions. Sadness is not just sadness to an addicted person. It is a dreadful experience in which many feel incapable of prevailing. Humans are programmed to believe that our “negative emotions” should be avoided at all costs, which then leads us to believe that we should always be happy or stress-free. That is just not true. When we don’t give ourselves permission to have these very normal emotions, we lose our ability to overcome them and build resilience. I am working in therapy to teach my clients that a part of being human is experiencing all types of emotions, and instead of trying to smoke, drink, or inject the pain away, we need to embrace and feel it to find alternative ways to cope with it. 

on her tools

My favorite tool for work is my aromatherapy machine. It releases essential oils and lights up to create a relaxing vibe in the office. All of my clients feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe, which is so important in therapy. I also practice spirituality which gives me peace and wisdom. Those two things are essential in my work. 

on her favorite books

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson is one of my favorite books. It totally opened me up to a new way of thinking about relationships, spirituality, love, and womanhood. It is a must read.


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Jumpsuit: River Island

I like cleansing rituals (burning sage and sweetgrass), prayer, meditation, and exercise lately. I also take long baths and utilize my crystals to add peace, clarity, and intuitive powers to my space.
— on self-care rituals
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on shopping and her style

I pretty much shop exclusively at ASOS! My style could be described as urban chic, like professional streetwear, but I have my hipster days as well.

On her beauty routine

I usually don’t wear makeup throughout the week, only on the weekends. When I do wear makeup I use my Nars Concealer, Sephora Mascara, and Dip Brow Kit. As for skincare, I use cleansers from Fresh, Youth To The People, or Castile soap: tea tree oil soap. I change up moisturizers often. Now it’s Fresh Vitamin Nectar. I also use Indian Healing Clay by Aztec Secret, Arabesque Wood Body Scrub by Stories, and Briogeo Conditioning Mask.

on her nightly routine

Since I usually work late, the gym is my first stop after work. Then I take a long shower while listening to music, burning sage, or singing in the shower, which releases oxytocin AKA makes you feel awesome. I like to end the night talking to one of my close friends or meditating to Native American flute music or rain drops via Youtube.


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A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, I Am A Bacha Posh by Stephanie Lebrun and Ukmina Manoori, Eat. Nourish. Glow by Amelia Freer

naiylah'S favorite movies

Clueless and Black Panther

naiylah'S favorite places IN new york city

Best coffee shop is Stonefruit Espresso

Best Brunch is at Putnam’s Pub

My favorite nail salon is Local Honey in Bushwick

I haven’t been dancing in a while, but if I wanted to I would go to Casablanca in Bed Stuy!

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Coat: ASOS