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Marawa is a hula hoop master and holds 11 world records—one of which is the record for 200 hoops at once. She has performed with Kenzo, JackÜ, Refinery29. With a Somali father and Australian mother, Marawa spent her childhood traveling, living in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Middle East. She trained at the National Institute of Circus Arts Australia, where she specialized in Swinging Trapeze, but knew her future was in hoops. She has performed and taught hula hooping around the world.
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Top: Rachel Comey, Pants: Vintage

Top: Rachel Comey, Pants: Vintage

on her morning routine

My morning routine is orange juice then coffee. I listen to NTS radio and try to have a stretch before getting stuck into emails. The morning is my favourite part of the day. I always wake up early and I love those few hours when everything is still and quiet—very rare in LA, the air feels different.

On Why Being A Hula Hooper is Her Perfect Job

My family travelled a lot when I was growing up so I got to experience a lot of different cultures. I never set out to become a "professional hula hooper," but it makes sense as the perfect job: lots of travel, lots of outfit changes, lots of colour combinations—it kind of lets me do a bit of all the different things I like.

On How She Got Her Start in Hooping

I did rhythmic gymnastics as a child and there is a bit of hooping in that, but it was much later when I went to the National Institute of Circus Arts that I took it as part of my degree—I know it sounds crazy, but you can get a bachelor degree in circus arts. I specialized in Trapeze and Hoops.

On Where Hooping Has Taken Her

It's taken me all over: I have taught people in Nepal, Somalia, North Korea and I have performed for everyone from Kenzo to Arab's Got Talent. I also got really into world records—I currently have 9, including the world record for the most hoops at once: 200.

Robe: Vintage

Robe: Vintage

I think the main advice for anyone wanting to work for themselves is that you have to be organised and self-motivated. You have to be on top of your invoices! You have to know what you are trying to do and then make a plan to go out and get it! No one is going to organise that stuff for you...unless you pay them (haha).
— marawa's advice on being your own boss
Marawa's favorite books

Marawa's favorite books

On one of the books she picked

The Girl Guide—am I allowed to plug myself?!—is the one I wrote! It's coming out in the US next year with Harper Collins!

On Turning a Passion Into A Career

I think it’s really tricky. If you are a pure artist—i.e. your passion is your outlet or way of expressing yourself—then you may not want to compromise and do your thing for a brand, in an outfit they chose for you, etc., you know? I think people get confused about needing to turn what they love into their job. It doesn't need to be that way—you can have a job that pays your bills and funds your passion rather than forcing yourself to find a way to make your passion pay. I feel like I was really lucky: I found a sweet spot where I can do shows that I super love and allow me to do anything I want but don't necessarily pay well, and combine that with awful corporate performances where the client wants you to wear a neon outfit and perform to this AMAAAAZING (awful) song they chose. I think a pure artist would be like “helllll no” to that, but I don't mind, and will do those kinds of gigs. They definitely make for the funniest stories after, and they pay the bills!

On one of her self-care habits

I try to stretch a lot. I feel like time spent stretching is never wasted—I want to be 100 years old and still able to bend my knees and go skating y'know? I figure part of that is putting in the time now and never stopping.


Hoops,    Hooper Market

On Shopping and Personal Style

Everything has to pack down for travel, so I have a lot of stretchy catsuits, and Pleats, Please! outfits because they travel so well. I also get a lot of my clothes made by Alice Edgeley. She does custom orders and is the BEST. I also just bought some great pieces from EVERYBODY.WORLD. I love them. I love to colour block and if I had more time I would just have full colour-blocked outfits.

On Her Beauty Routine

I love how Benetint looks—it’s very natural—and it smells great!! I’ve been using Lancome liquid eyeliner forever. My mate Alice got me onto it about 10 years ago and I have been using it ever since. I switched to Aesop deodorant a couple of years back. No more aluminum in my armpits! Liquid magnesium spray is magic! It reduces any foot swelling and is great for travel. Chanel Liquid Eye Makeup Remover—my skin is pretty sensitive so I don’t want to be stripping it with something really intense, and this is so gentle and gets everything off so quick! And my scent is Chanel No. 5.

on her Nightly Routine

I check that I haven't missed any urgent emails, turn off my phone, and leave it in another room. I usually go through what I am doing the next day so I have a clear plan, wash my face and clean my boring haha. Oh! I have a new colour light that I have been playing with—washing the bedroom in different colours to calm down and then I am OUT. I fall asleep so early.

Marawa's favorite beauty products
Kimono, Vintage

Kimono, Vintage

Hat: Chinatown, Top: Rachel Comey, Pants: Vintage, Shoes: Nigerian wedding shoe from    Gemini    in London, Bag: Mexico

Hat: Chinatown, Top: Rachel Comey, Pants: Vintage, Shoes: Nigerian wedding shoe from Gemini in London, Bag: Mexico

Photography by Claire Donoghue