Meet Gabrielle Herbst

Gabrielle Herbst’s formal training began at an early age, studying Balinese dance and gamelan in Indonesia while learning both the clarinet and piano. Herbst continued her training at Bard College where she studied voice and composition under the tutelage of Joan Tower, Zeena Parkins and Marina Rosenfeld. Herbst’s experience writing for chamber orchestra and mixed instrumentation inspired her to develop a repertoire of short-form, vocal-centric compositions under the name GABI.
Dress, American Apparel ; Necklace, Metropolitan Museum of Art Store

Dress, American Apparel ; Necklace, Metropolitan Museum of Art Store


I drink around two cups of coffee every morning. I put on inspiring music and dance a little bit in my kitchen while making coffee. I love exercising in the morning, running if it’s not too hot in the park, yoga, or listening to Fetty Wap and moving around.

on music and inspiration

I’ve played music my whole life, and GABI has been formulating in the back of my head for years. Really, the inspiration for this project came from discovering my own singing voice and that it was the closest I could get to communicating what I feel to the world.

on her home essentials

Architectural pieces are my favorite. Either that or onesies, which I also really like wearing in the winter. In the warm seasons I honestly prefer wearing what feels closest to wearing nothing, the most airy comfortable things possible.


Writings About Music    by Steve Reich,    Dream I Tell You    by Helene Cixous,    Strange Ritual    by David Byrne,    Just Kids    by Patti Smith,    Sounds    by Wassily Kandinsky
I prefer to go natural when it comes to taking care of my body: sun, sleep and water.
— on self-care

on skincare and beauty routines

Sleep and Heritage Store Rosewater  sum up my beauty routine. I also love this tincture called rose petal elixir that is just potent pure roses and you put a couple drops on your tongue. It tastes amazing, is good for your skin and it makes you feel so happy.

I also recommend Acorelle Silky Rose Roll-On PerfumeCalming Skin Therapy Cleanser Aubrey Organics, and Calming Skin Therapy Toner Aubrey Organics.

on her favorite book

Sounds by Wassily Kandinsky has always been one of my favorite books. It’s comprised of short sound poems and prints of wood cuts that he made to go with the text. It’s really abstract, strange and beautiful and shows a kind of synesthetic melding of mediums. I love seeing artists work outside of their main mediums–painters that write, musicians that draw and dancers that can be the most interesting.

on her favorite record

Kate & Anna McGarrigle is this beautiful 60’s folk record that I grew up listening to. The songs are simple, elegant and really beautiful. They are sisters and their voices have that familial bond that you can really hear. Listen to Heart like a Wheel- it will make you cry.


Top, Madewell ; Jeans, Dalia Collection

Top, Madewell ; Jeans, Dalia Collection

Acorelle Silky Rose Roll-On Perfume   ,    Heritage Store Rosewater   ,    Calming Skin Therapy Cleanser Aubrey Organics   ,    Calming Skin Therapy Toner Aubrey Organics
My best clothing has been traded with or made by my designer friends.
— on style
Top, Madewell

Top, Madewell

gabrielle's FAVORITE BOOKS

Writings About Music by Steve Reich, Dream I Tell You by Helene Cixous, Strange Ritual by David Byrne, Just Kids by Patti Smith, Sounds by Wassily Kandinsky

gabrielle's favorite records

Kate & Anna McGarrigle by Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Louder Than Bombs by The Smiths, Blue by Joni Mitchell, Tusk by Fleetwood Mac

gabrielle's favorite places IN NYC

My favorite bar at the moment is called Covenhoven, the bartenders give you samples of fifty kinds of beer and hard cider and the backyard has lots of lovely little lights and for some reason there are always fireflies around. Also, even on a Friday night there are often lots of people sitting outside, reading solo. It's so tranquil. 

Sit and Wonder has the best coffee and the most delicious coconut yogurt. I recommend highly. 

Dress & Shoes, Vintage ; Bag, Madewell

Dress & Shoes, Vintage ; Bag, Madewell