Meet Eva Goicochea

New Mexico-native raised in California. Éva has been in New York for three months (went to FIT many years ago.) She moved her with her husband to live in a walking city, get some seasons in, soak up the museums and culture and generally just go the opposite way of most folks. She is the founder of a design studio and a watch company, Tinker Watches. She has a band of animals.

On her morning routine

After putting my contacts in (I'm blind otherwise), I go to the kitchen and take out the Vitamix for a green smoothie, flip the switch, and then prep breakfast for all of our animals while they stare at me impatiently. Then I make a cup of tea, get ready (SPF is a must), and sit down to work. Ian (husband) is on dog walking duty so I wave goodbye as they make their way down the street.

on her background

I studied advertising and marketing at FIT and then organizational communications. At the time, there was no Squarespace, no social media, but I have always been into computers and found myself designing websites for friends. Now I run my own branding and web studio while working on Tinker and Maude.

on breaking in the industry

I joined the Everlane LA team early on as the social media manager. At the time, our office was in the loft of an art bookstore next to a strip club on Hollywood Blvd...cut to fast growth and a big new HQ 1.5 years later. Not wanting to make the move up to SF where everyone was relocating, I left. I started freelancing, missed being at a product company, and decided to build a watch line with three amazing people. Our first round arrives in a few weeks.

Amongst an assortment of books from New Mexico—where I’m from—and books on engineering and design (Ian’s an engineer) is this old Shel Silverstein book from my childhood. I can pretty much reference his poems for every situation. Anyone remember Something Missing?
— on her favorite book

Éva's favorite books

On what she is working on

I'm also developing a modern condom company called Maude that speaks to all sexes. Sex is universal. Condom marketing isn't. We're in the middle of product development now, but we're hoping to launch later this year.

on shopping and style

I have a lot of basics and try to stick to a muted uniform since my work life requires a lot of creative decisions. Think Steve Jobs: simple, comfortable, sometimes boring. I buy at Everlane, Need Supply, and COS, and have been popping into Anthom and Frankie now that I'm in New York.

on her beauty routine

Daily, I use organic face wipes, anti-aging serum, then an SPF moisturizer. Every week, a face brush to exfoliate. As for makeup, I keep it simple: A swipe of mascara, maybe eyeliner so I don't look too tired, and a lip/cheek stain.

on her pets

I got our eldest dog in New York while in college. The others Ian and I got together through a series of foster failures over 8 years through volunteering with a rescue. We refer to our home as the Goicochea Home for Geriatric Animals.

on her furniture

We have a mix of vintage finds and pieces from the usual suspects: Room & Board, CB2, etc. I call our aesthetic Georgia O'Keefe-goes-to-Sweden: A nod to our Southwest heritage, but minimal and monochromatic.