Meet Eloise Bosredon

It was unavoidable for Eloise Bosredon to become an architect. With a life that was always filled and occupied by drawing and art, Eloise pursued her dream and started her career by rebuilding a house in the French Alps. She finds inspiration from colors on a painting to funny observations on the streets of Paris.
Jeans: Levi 501, Tee: Uniqlo

Jeans: Levi 501, Tee: Uniqlo


I am a mum of two, so in the morning, I have no time for a sun salutation. It’s more like…a run! We make time for a huge hug when our children, Céleste and Gaston, come (too early) to wake us in bed. We eat breakfast as a family. I try to make homemade granola or sugar-free muesli. I follow the programs of Lucile Woodward for months and it has been a revelation for my energy and wellbeing. Then I take the kids to school and go to the office by bike.

on her start in architecture

I studied architecture at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Versailles. After graduating, I worked for two years at an architecture agency before I had the opportunity to start my own business. My first project was the rebuilding of a big family house in the French Alps. I was lucky that I got to choose everything, from the walls to the teaspoon. I kept a global approach to reflect the location. Now I’m working on very different projects: houses, flats, coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels.

on her dream to be an architect

I have always loved drawing. Before school, during school, and after school. I always had a special link to places, in the way we can transform them as much as they can transform us. Of course, at that time, I was unable to express it this way! I wanted something creative, and I was good at school. I met an architect, my mother’s cousin, who explained the practice, work, and that it’s a hard job. I ended up choosing architecture. I'm always trying to evolve with my work, and I would love to eventually launch a furniture brand.

“Ma Philosophie de A à B et vice versa” by Andy Warhol is a really crazy book that used to be very difficult to find. Warhol speaks of very different subjects. It helps to understand his perception of beauty, and it’s an inspiring vision of our civilization.
— on her favorite book

some advice for aspiring architects

I built a network of clients and craftsmen. I worked very hard and learned about technical and economical subjects. I try to work with the same aesthetics and functions. In France, you have to be a graduate from an architecture school to be an architect, but I recommend every young architect to open their eyes. Travel, be curious, and stay open minded.

on approaching a new project

There is always a brief with the client. I always start off with their needs and then tell the story that reveals the space. So, materials, colors, and techniques are immediately part of the story.

on her tools for work

I like Muji stationery. Sketch books, pencils, binders. Every year, I buy a Moleskine agenda. For my work, I use a MacBook Pro, and as I am often out of the office, I also need a very smart phone, a One Plus 5T. It takes great pictures! I share my office and other things with two other creatives. Our exchanges help me a lot. Recently I discovered the podcast, Nouvelle Ecole.

on her style and shopping habits

My style is very simple. I like strong cuts. I try to stop buying fast fashion. Instead, I try to buy beautiful pieces that will last: a Mansur Gavriel bag, an embroidered jacket from my friend Lou de Bétoly, and for everyday life, a sewing pattern from République du Chiffon, Delphine Morissette, Annaka Bazaar, or basics from Muji or Uniqlo. The new U collection is amazing with very simple cuts and strong colors!

Sweater: J.Crew, Short: Uniqlo

Sweater: J.Crew, Short: Uniqlo

Sweater: J.Crew, Short: Uniqlo

Sweater: J.Crew, Short: Uniqlo

on her beauty routine

Hydrance cream from Avène is the best and only thing I need. I have very red lipstick (Coquelicot from Rouge Baiser) or some mascara (Volume by Chanel). Never at the same time. My perfume is Clair de Musc from Serge Lutens, but I often steal my daughter’s perfume (BON TON) because I’m crazy about the smell of orange blossoms. I am in a perpetual fight with my hair, but I have a good hairdresser: Messieurs Dames. I wash it with a solid shampoo from Secrets de Provence and I am very happy with the result.

on her nightly routine

I try to eat very light at dinner. It helps me sleep better. Since I had my first baby, I wash my face with some liniment oleo calcaire. It’s a mix of olive oil and lime water that people use in France to wash the baby’s bottom. My skin is clean and perfectly moisturized. I use the organic one from Lea Nature. I also spray some Sanoflore Real Organic Rose Floral Water for the relaxing smell.

on her self-care rituals

When I'm exhausted, I book a massage or hammam. I like the hammam Les Cents Ciels, and would like to try Ladda on the roofs of Paris. I always need to draw, sew, knit, or paint. It is my way to meditate and be in the present.

Jeans, Levi's


Ma philosophie de A à B et vice-versa by Andy Warhol, La Vie Devant Soi by Romain Gary, Dans la nuit et le vent by Patrick Leigh Fermor, Mon chien stupide by John Fante


Mozart Requiem dir. Michel Corboz, Green Juice by Papooz


Respiro, Lost in Translation, Life Is a Long Quiet River, Vodka Lemon

eloise'S FAVORITE PLACES in paris

I like the brunch at Square Gardette in my neighborhood.

Peonies rue du Faubourg Saint Denis for brunch, lunch, coffee, flowers…

I like to pick up the bread at Ten Belles Bread

Maison Aleph for their wonderful and delicate levant pastries

The Slow Gallery to buy some very cool serigraphs

Le café suédois for a cool lunch outside

Les fleurs to buy a gift or some decorative items

The Bastille Market on Sunday for the delicious products and atmosphere and the churros of the old man who has a stand close to rue Sedaine

Coat: Zara, Dress: COS

Coat: Zara, Dress: COS