Meet Diane Ducasse

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Diane is a fashion designer and the founder of DA/DA, a clothing line for women that borrows from menswear. After studying at Studio Berçot, she completed apprenticeships with Lanvin and Marc Jacobs before later starting her own line.
Tracksuit, Full Court Sport
Outfit Details: Top, Mens Vintage ; Jacket, DA/DA collection FW17 (coming soon) ;    Skirt, DA/DA    ; Chair, Marcel Breuer

Outfit Details: Top, Mens Vintage ; Jacket, DA/DA collection FW17 (coming soon) ; Skirt, DA/DA ; Chair, Marcel Breuer


I lay in my bed and listen to the radio, check my email and Instagram, and then I make myself a big breakfast.   

ON Getting Her Start In Fashion

After I studied at Studio Berçot, I had the opportunity to do my apprenticeships in some of the most beautiful beautiful fashion houses like Lanvin and then Marc Jacobs. My advice is to be curious and humble.

On Designing Menswear-inspired clothing for women

It’s a style that I gravitate to - clothes that I could not find in womenswear at accessible prices. To buy clothes, I always needed to go to the men’s section, but the cut of the clothing was not sized for me. I noticed that I wasn’t the only one in this situation, so I wanted to make men’s clothing for women that was high quality, modern, and sophisticated. My approach is as follows: I start with pieces of men’s clothing, generally vintage, and I rework them, shaping them to find the ideal cut for a woman that is chic and nonchalant.

The thing I love most about my work is the unknown of the next day. Each day is different and unpredictable. No routine.
— On the best thing about her job

On listening to vinyl

What I like is that we find an authentic sound in vinyls. There is also pleasure in the gesture of putting a record on, with the diamond and the crackling. In the photo, there are different styles. For example, Tchaikovsky is an immense composer and dominant figure of Russian Romanticism of the nineteenth century. Opposite that, there’s Cat Stevens, an incredible discography, a voice and style inimitable. 

On Shopping and Personal Style

I don't often go shopping for myself, especially since starting my brand. I am usually dressed in DA/DA. Otherwise, I like to mix many brands. For example, a Zara top with Comme des Garçons trousers, Derbys from Robert Clergerie and a Lanvin trench. My style could be described as casual chic, effortless, and sophisticated in its simplicity. I mostly wear trousers, a T-shirt, jacket, and men’s shoes.

On HER Beauty Routine

I don’t really have a beauty routine. I don’t spend much time dealing with it. A Guerlain under-eye concealer and a red lipstick from Make Up For Ever will do the trick.

Diane's Beauty Tip

Avoid wearing too much makeup during the day because on days when you don’t have enough time to do it, everyone will ask, “You look rough today, what happened to you?”

Outfit Details:    Blazer, DA/DA    ;    Pants, DA/DA    ; Mens Scarf, Lanvin

Outfit Details: Blazer, DA/DA ; Pants, DA/DA ; Mens Scarf, Lanvin

Diane's Favorite Books:   Women by Charles Bukowski    &    Michel Houellebecq
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Outfit Details: Sweater, Vintage ;    Pants, DA/DA

Outfit Details: Sweater, Vintage ; Pants, DA/DA

On Her favorite books

Houellebecq and Bukowski are monsters of contemporary literature. They are sometimes decried, but they write with an ultra sensitivity and a sharp vision of society and human beings. They are great poets.

On Where She Finds Inspiration

I find inspiration everywhere! On the streets, I’m lucky to live in a city where the people express who they are through what they wear. At the cinema, films are an indisputable source of inspiration. During my travels, the latest was Greece with its architecture and sophisticated harmonies of color.

ON Her approach to home decor

Interior decor is very important for me. Just like with clothing, it really reflects the personalities of people.  I worked with the decorator, Vincent Darré, from whom I learned so much on this subject. I like to bargain-hunt for unique pieces at flea markets and on leboncoin.


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Diane's Favorite Books

Women by Charles Bukowski

Extension Du Domaine de La Lutte by Michel Houellebecq

Diane's Favorite Records

Izitso by Cat Stevens

From Here to Eternity...And Back by Giorgio Moroder

Slayed? by Slade

J Mood by Wynton Marsalis 

Diane's favorite places

Brunch at l'Hotel Particulier Montmartre

Fondation Jean Arp


Café du Théâtre de l'Odéon

Jardin du Luxembourg

Diane's favorite movies

Le Grande Bellezza, Fight Club, Pride and Prejudice, A Single Man


Blazer:    DA/DA    , Top: Sonya Rykiel:    Pants, DA/DA

Blazer: DA/DA , Top: Sonya Rykiel: Pants, DA/DA