Meet Clémence Vazard

Moving to Paris from Normandy the age of 18, Clémence studied literature and library studies. After working as an art gallery assistant, she went back to university to study Arts and Culture at Paris-Sorbonne University. Experiences in the cultural and art world in places like concert venues, festivals, and cultural centers helped her develop her creative practice and refine her artistic aesthetic. Her artistic approach is an exploration into the role of women in contemporary society, as depicted in pop culture and media. Her work has been exhibited in Paris, Montreal, London, Albuquerque, Greece, and Belgium. Currently, she works for Sinny & Ooko Agency.
Outfit Details: Jumpsuit, Vintage

Outfit Details: Jumpsuit, Vintage


on her morning routine

I don’t really have a routine. But the first thing I think of when I wake up is: I’m hungry. Sometimes I share a breakfast with my boyfriend; he often makes a huge Chemex coffee and I make some muesli with seeds and honey. When I’m alone (he is a musician so half the time he is off on tour) I make myself a quick green tea and porridge.

on where she grew up

I grew up in a small town in Normandie far from the artistic life of big cities.  My mother is a librarian so I was surrounded by books and magazines all my life. I got bored very often (which I think is the key to creativity!), so I decided to make things with easy-to-get resources and I just sat in my bedroom for hours flipping through the pages. When I got to University in Paris I stopped this creative practice because I got busy with all the cultural and artistic events the city offers. Then one day I decided to go back and study art and culture because I had so much creativity within me but couldn't use it.

On getting into Design

My father (and my grandfather before him) owns a furniture workshop. And I used to work in a contemporary design gallery. So I’m very knowledgeable about home design for a young person! But of course I had my Ikea time back in the day at university. Now my home is a mix of old furniture from my family and vintage pieces I found at flea markets. I like nordic furniture as a lot of people do, simply because Scandinavian designers are the best. I also have a big adoration for Italian design of the 70’s (specially Joe Colombo and Ettore Sottsass) and the 80’s (Memphis movement guided by Ettore Sottsass). I like to be surrounded by plants and framed illustrations at home and pieces I bought while traveling.

My work is visual, but my inspiration comes from words. I love stories, I’ve been a big reader since my childhood and that’s something that will always follow me. I find a lot of inspiration by talking to my friends or people I meet by chance by listening to their stories. I also listen to stories on the radio or TEDx conferences. My favorite is the one Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave in Euston: “We should all be feminist.” Music is also inspiring for me. I recently worked on two record covers and that felt very natural for me.
— on her work

On her Career

I can’t say I have an artistic career. I have a regular, passionate and essential artistic practice. But I don’t make a career of it. And that's not really my goal. I would be unhappy if I had to work only on artistic projects. I feel the need to experiment with new things all the time. That’s why I also work for the creative agency Sinny & Ooko, I organize different events such as Atelier Mobile (kind of a drink and draw meeting once a month in a Parisian bar) and Chez Laurence (DJ set in the kitchen of a restaurant, “contre-soirée” style).  I am so passionate about everything I work on.

on facing challenges

I think I face challenges everyday, and they make me love what I do. In my artistic work, I’m always looking to push an idea further by collaborating with other creative people or exploring new material. Luckily, I'm able to be very free in my job as I explore new subjects and meet new people everyday. Each morning I wake up not knowing what my day will be like! Challenges are my source of energy. Routine is what I run away from. I have 2 big projects this year. I’m working on my newest artistic project in a residence Community Center in the north of Paris. I will meet women and collect stories of the first harassment experience they remember, then set up a sound and visual installation that will be on view in September. Second, I’m working on a new Third Place project in Paris that will open in the fall that I will manage for 2 years. 

on feeling comfortable while she works

I need to feel comfortable when I get to be creative… So at work it means taking my shoes off and going into lotus position on my chair (required: tolerant coworkers!). When I’m home that means wearing very lousy clothes, no bra, no makeup and turning the heater on high. 

Sweater, Roseanna

Sweater, Roseanna

Clémence's favorite books
I discovered “The Dinner Party” by Judy Chicago in the Brooklyn Museum where the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art is hosting the installation permanently. The artwork commemorates important women from history. Judy Chicago made it with the help of craft women in her neighborhood. This installation was a big shock for me and is one of the most influential installations I’ve ever seen. I could go see it everyday, but sadly I live very far from Brooklyn. My boyfriend actually found this book on a tour in a vintage shop in Berlin. It’s one of the best presents I’ve ever received.
Clémence's favorite beauty products
Outfit Details:    Dress, Sessun

Outfit Details: Dress, Sessun

On her skincare routine

I mostly look for very sensitive skin cream. The key to my routine is to massage every part of me with rich creams. I can’t live without Avene face cream and miscellar water. And I really like this Sanoflore Miel Supreme Body Cream. Being active is also a huge part of my beauty routine as exercising makes me instantly happier and peppy. I do yoga and boxing, which are a very good combination to regenerate my body and mind every week. 

On working out

Once a week I wake up very early to go to my yoga class. And I try to practice home for a half an hour 2 mornings a week. But I don't always practice on the mornings I wake up late after a big night. The mornings with the taste of red wine still in my mouth and the mark of the pillow on my cheek...

On shopping

I’m not a shopping addict. I refuse to live a consumerist life. But I still love beautiful things. I choose to buy good quality things that don't wear out and that I really love because they represent who I am, not because they are fashionable this season. That said, the only brand/shop I like to go to is Sessun boutique rue de Charonne. I don’t know how to define my style but I usually wears dresses and tights or a top and pants- always with wacky details.

Clémence's Favorite Books

La Promesse de l'Aube by Gary Romain

Just Kids by Patti Smith

The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Clémence's Favorite Records

Muchacho by Phosphorescent

Starmania by Luc Plamondon & Michel Berger

Goon by Tobias Jesso Jr

Clémence's Favorite Movie's

Full Moon in Paris, Thelma & Louise, West Side Story, Jules et Jim, & Mommy

Clémence's Favorite Places

Best glass of wine: DUNE

Best Place to Get A Picnic Basket: MYRTHE

Best Place to have a picnic: Canal St Matin

Best Mexican: Café Chilango

Best Romantic Dinner: Buvette

Best Dinner with Friend: La Madonnina

Best Veggie Lunch: Tien Hiang

Best Coffee: Pavillon des Canaux

Best Countryside Restaurant: La Recyclerie 

Best Place to Buy Affordable Contemporary Art: Slow Galerie

Best Bookshop Gallery: Ofr

Best Place to Make Yourself A Present: Klin d'Oeil

Best Place to Practice Sports: Mysore Yoga Paris and Battling Club