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Clemence Sigu was told that it would be hard, but she is currently pursuing her passion of being a journalist. Coming up in the fashion world as a writer is no easy task, but she knew how to get in the spot she takes up now. A writer for Grazia and Elle, Sigu explores our world through the fashion lens and the dynamic they play off of each other. With what she is going through now, she offers advice for aspiring journalists, a position she was in not too long ago.
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Top:    Uni Qlo   , Jeans:    Levi's 501

Top: Uni Qlo, Jeans: Levi's 501


Black coffee is the only essential to my day. I've been drinking it since the age of six, as I didn't like milk. We are big coffee drinkers in my family. My dad could drink three espressos in a row, and my little nephews already drink coffee after each meal, with a lot of water, of course. I tried doing vitamins for my morning routine, but whenever I tried a brand, I would catch a cold or a flu. 

ON How she got her start as a writer

I always wanted to be a journalist, but my brother who is a journalist was extremely discouraging and explained that “you are never really free to write what you want.” So I went and studied culture and media in college. I did eventually take an internship at Elle magazine in the web department as a fashion writer. I loved it, especially since I felt like I found my career path. I pretty much learned everything on the job. 

I particularly love writing about fashion, understanding new trends and what they say of the fashion industry, society, and therefore us as consumers. 


For my first interview, I hadn't slept the night before and I was extremely ill prepared. I had only had a couple of questions in hand, but they were quite futile. This was for David Beckham. Although he is not someone I particularly admire, I was pretty stressed out. As soon as I started the interview, he said he loved my shoes and then pulled my chair towards him because he said he “couldn't hear me.” To this day, I still think he was flirting with me.

Charlotte's favorite books
I like books that change your perspective on life. The type that never leaves you, but instead accompanies you on the daily. That’s the case with “Un Roi Sans Divertissement” by Jean Giono. It really opened my eyes to the human condition, and although the insight has something frightening to it, I wouldn’t be the same person that I am today without this book.
— on the book that changed her
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Working for Grazia demands a certain level of responsiveness. You must be able to write quickly and well. Whenever I write for them, it can be quite stimulating, as it can be more creative under pressure. As for Marianne, I like the tone that is asked, which is taking a certain distance from fashion and ridiculing certain trends even though I am a fashion victim. Since I'm quite sarcastic in real life, it becomes an exercise I take pleasure in.

Advice for aspiring journalists

The journalism field is oversaturated. It's really difficult to get a full-time job. As a freelance journalist, I would say you should always be confident in the stories you pitch, and don't discourage yourself. Wanting to succeed in fashion demands more than just an interest in shopping. It goes well beyond that. You must have a flair and fashion culture that's solid. Then for digital, balancing what the readers want with our journalist vision can be too specific. In reality, there are no good or bad ways to succeed, or at least I don't know it yet since I am a junior in the field.

As for how I got to work at Grazia, it was an old journalist who I knew from that was going on maternity leave who recommended me to the Editor in Chief. I started as her replacement and then became a freelance for them.


I'm trying to reduce my consumption of clothing, especially with fast fashion like Zara & H&M that sell clothing that are disposable within the year and its production conditions are sketchy. I try at maximum to buy vintage. The best spot is Les Puces de Clignancourt. You can find everything from Levi's jeans for 20 euros, Burberry trench coats at reasonable prices, to 90's sweatshirts. Otherwise, I stay faithful to the brand Amelie Pichard for her bags and shoes that look like nothing else, and really echo my passion for vintage from the the 70's. I also love Paloma Wool,  Staud Clothing, and Ganni. Overall, I'd rather buy timeless pieces and strong accessories that make a statement and last. I like it when it's simple and subtle. Even though I love people that have the courage to wear whatever they like, free from any codes or trends, I think I'm too snobby for that.

Shoes: Amelie Pichard

Shoes: Amelie Pichard

Bags, Amelie Pichard

Bags, Amelie Pichard

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Top:    Madewell   , Pants: Monoprix

Top: Madewell, Pants: Monoprix

ON her best fashion tip

You should never wear clothes that you don't feel good in. Comfort, I believe, is the key to a successful look. You can tell right away when you're not comfortable in your look, and it gives off an impression that you are in a costume.

On home decor

My biggest fear is to live in an Instagram apartment. I'm not really into those apartments that you see in those home decor magazines that are super clean and too sleek with no soul. Most often, they're filled with objects that are super expensive that only say "look how much money I have, but no taste." I'd rather have antique things that you don't see everywhere and more reflective of my personality. So, a lot of kitsch. I've been collecting religious objects and snow globes for years. I like decorating my apartment with objects that aren't initially thought of for decorating, or that are clearly tacky or cheap because every time I see them it makes me laugh.

ON learning how to like going to the gym

I workout at least three to four hours a week. I learned to like gyms even though it used to be my nightmare growing up. I used to hate all the values that were linked to sports or sportsmen that I assumed were egocentric. Then finally I found values that could benefit me on the daily, like pushing myself and self-confidence. I still don't have any visible abs, but working out has become indispensable in my life.

On her beauty routine

I don't put much on my skin. It's super sensitive, and I'm prone to pimples, so my routine isn't particularly sexy.  In the mornings, I'll cleanse with La Roche-Posay Effaclar Gel Cleanser, then will put mattifying fluid, La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Fluid so that my skin doesn't shine during the day. Finally, La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Mattifying Mousse Matte Foundation that doesn't cover up too much and lets my skin breathe so that I can avoid getting too many pimples. At night I'll remove my makeup with Avene's Micellar Lotion and then wash my face with cold water, a trick my mom taught me to avoid wrinkles. The only thing that doesn't come from a drugstore that I allow myself is Benefit's 24-Hour Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel. It's necessary if I don't want to look like Jack Nicholson at the end of a night out.

Plants pots:    Madeleine et Gustave
The first thing I do at the end of the day is pour myself a glass of red wine. It’s the best decompressor, according to me. I also can’t sleep without watching a movie or TV show. It helps me avoid stress and thinking about my to-do list for the next day.
— on her nightly routine
Top:    APC


La Cantatrice Chauve by Eugene Ionesco, Mon Chien Stupide by John Fante, Un Roi Sans Divertissement by Jean Giono, La Promesse De L’aube by Gary Romain, Les Choses by George Perec


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Coat:    Burberry   ; Pants:    Monki   ; Shoes:    Converse   ;

Coat: Burberry; Pants: Monki; Shoes: Converse;