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Growing up, Florida native Christina was interested in the fashion industry, but never imagined herself becoming a model. Because she never saw any models who looked like her, she assumed it was off limits. Christina was supporting herself by working a myriad of odd jobs when she ended up at Ford’s first casting for plus size models in over 10 years. Since then, she’s modelled for companies such as Forever21, Target, Addition Elle by Ashley Graham, Old Navy, and more. 
Christina's Pug, Louie
Top, Isabel Marant Etoile ;    Jeans, Levi's    ;    Accupressure Mat, Nayoya

Top, Isabel Marant Etoile ; Jeans, Levi's ; Accupressure Mat, Nayoya


If I have a morning that allows me to take bit of time to get ready, I love to go all out. Snuggles with my pug Louie are mandatory! My quality of life is at least 50% better with her around. Once the serotonin is flowing, I'll pick a record to set the mood and pour up some kombucha. One of my goals for 2017 is to nail my own brew, but until then I've been bulk ordering from a company called Tealixir. I also like Moon Juice's Brain Dust.


I have this incredible acupressure mat that I found on Amazon that I'm a little obsessed with (Zensufu Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Massage Mat). I'll stand on it for 5 to ten minutes to wake my feet up and feel completely invigorated afterwards. I recommend it to anyone who has "tired" legs (necessary for anyone who works on their feet all day) and am now just realizing that it would have been the perfect Christmas gift-- oops! 


Since I don't live in an Italian villa circa the sixties, I just aim for comfy and clean lines with pops of color. My plants are my babies and it truly is a ‘the more the merrier’ situation. I have fun arranging my little knick-knacks in vignettes around my house. My next buy is going to be a giant bean bag chair.

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I forgot to take it off the record player on the day we shot, but Talking Head’s Remain in Light is solid gold. I play it maybe 5 times a week. The opening song, “Once in a Lifetime” is a beautiful allegory for life and the human existence... a song everyone should give a good listen to.


I love classic cuts in good colors. A great jacket, bold bag, or cool shoe can totally take a white tee and jeans to the next level. J Brand or Mother for denim (high waist Maria is perfect for my curvy girls!!), Acne for a good black tee, and H&M/Zara for a last minute going out dress. Open Letter to Zara: Please expand your size range. Thank you kindly, Christina A.


[Being a model] is a completely unconventional life and it's extremely difficult to keep a routine established; but that being said, the places you get to explore, where this job takes you, and the incredible people you meet along the way...they are experiences that I couldn't imagine being my day-to-day in any other industry. The other beautiful part of what I get to do is knowing that I am working in an industry that is determined to inspire younger curvy girls the way I longed to be inspired when I was growing up. I think it's incredibly important to showcase all types of faces, bodies, genders, sexualities, etc... Not just in the modeling world, but in the film industry, mainstream media, STEM fields, and beyond. The power of inclusivity is so strong and I really believe that one of they keys to a strong self esteem is to see people who look like you, who know your struggle, celebrated in the media.

Top &    Pants   , H&M ;    Shoes, Vans

Top & Pants, H&M ; Shoes, Vans

I’m eternally on the hunt for the perfect sweatshirt— you know, the one that’s cozy enough to wear on the plane but could also be mistaken for belonging in Ashley Olsen’s closet. Also, sneakers always! I’m totally a Vans girl. I remember someone once describing my style as “lazy but cool”, so that’s what I’ll go with. My ideal outfit is a skater dress, a fun pair of high-tops, and this beat up denim moto jacket that I “borrowed” from my sister.
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Outfit, Vintage

Outfit, Vintage


Italian mid-century is my thing. At night I dream of a house filled with Milo Baughman and anfibio couches. My prized furniture possession is a trio of  Milo's nesting tables that I found on I spend a good portion of computer time trolling their site and adding to cart but never checking out.


Kelis was gifted to me by a best friend and is great for when you're pre-partying before a night out. Fun Fact: I have Bo$$y tattooed inside my lip. Never underestimate the determination of a 16 year old on the mission for a tattoo.


I'm a huge skincare nerd. I have a background in science, so I pretty much think that I'm a chemist. Sometimes it ends well, other times I'm left in need of help from mass-produced soothing masks like Sisley Paris Express Flower Gel MaskTata Harper - Resurfacing Maskor FIG+YARROW French Green Clay MaskEither way, I love any activity that makes me feel like I'm in a lab and I find it therapeutic to unwind with my face mask creations. Lotioncrafter is a great place to troll if you, too, are a closet chemist!

Christina's favorite beauty products

Christina's favorite beauty products

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Since I'm such an ingredient nerd, I look at how high the actives are on the breakdown. I love to try new things, but at the same time I want to avoid gimmicky products, so I'm always fact checking and looking at clinical trials. Sup, PubMed! I like Glossier's Super Bounce & Super Glow


If my skin is looking good, I'll leave my face bare, slather on a good face oil, and do a lip. I always recommend Acure Organics rosehip oil to anyone looking to dip their toe into the massive pond that is facial oils. It's gentle and does a nice job at evening out your complexion. 


For me, I feel like I have sleepy eyes. I don't love the look of traditional eye makeup, so a lot of experimenting goes into "hey here are my eyes!!" without using tons of shimmery bits. I achieve somewhat less sleepy eyes with approximately 500 pumps of my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and a few swipes of Kevyn Aucoin volume mascara. Then I'll take a an eyeliner or a bit of a eyeshadow on a skinny brush and just kind of line the outer corners of my eyes. A sideways "v" if you can imagine it. I'll smush it around a bit because, yeah, perfect is boring! One last thing...Laura Mercier's caviar stick (one of my faves is Amethyst) is the best foolproof smokey eye. Just line the top and bottom lid as much as you'd like and smush it around! No one can screw that shit up.


Top, Isabel Marant Etoile ; Jeans, Levi's

Top, Isabel Marant Etoile ; Jeans, Levi's

David Sedaris is just the best. He is the OG of turning the mundane into an essay you enjoy reading over and over again. I’ve been reading his books for the last 10 years and I started with Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. I’ll never forget laughing out loud whilst reading it during Spanish class. My seatmate Ian told me I was lame because “who laughs out loud at a book?” Well Ian, I do.
Christina's favorite books

Christina's favorite books

Streetstyle Details: Overalls, Target

Streetstyle Details: Overalls, Target


When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris

Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy by Judd Apatow

The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins

How We Got to Now by Steven Johnson


Mean Girls, A Single Man, Blade Runner, Goodfellas


For killer pizza and all the good vibes, check out Scarr's in LES. Between the $6 big beers and the always on point playlists, their mini bar in the back is my favorite hideaway.

Best chopped kale salad and all around yummy "elevated" American eats can be found at Mayfield in Crown Heights. Can we take a moment to appreciate how much easier Kale is to eat when it's chopped? Less mess + solid cocktail list + Art Deco interior = sweet date night!

You can find the best tacos in the city in the backyard of my neighborhood bar, Chilo's. Grab a frozé or Pacifico (or both!) and head out to their cozy, year round patio. 

Three words: tres leches donut. Head over to Doughnut Plant on one of those treat yaself days and prepare for what could be the world's best mergence of traditional Cuban fare and doughnut.   

If you're trying to be bad *and* boujee, head to the food court at Brookfield. I love grabbing an entree, a side, and a dessert from three different places and then watching the sun set on the Hudson. Also a nice place to take visiting friends and fam!

If you're looking for a nameplate necklace or just a nice Cuban link, look for Jane at New Top in Chinatown. Shout out to my jeweler, damn she's such a good jeweler! (Been waiting to make that reference for years - if you get this allusion, please immediately accept the position of becoming my new best friend).


// Photography by Maggie Shannon