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Meet Clémence Vazard

Clémence is a Paris-based artist. Her artistic approach is an exploration into the role of women in contemporary society, as depicted in pop culture and media, and her work has been exhibited in Paris, Montreal, London, Albuquerque, Greece, and Belgium. Currently, she works for Sinny & Ooko Agency. 

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Meet Bianca Valle

Bianca is the Community Manager at Milk. Born and raised in Coronado, California, she always knew the city life was for her. She graduated New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a major in Film and a minor in Art History. In addition to her position at Milk, she does freelance photography, painting, and production design for editorial videos and short films. Lately she's also been modeling for a number of brands that are striving to feature girls with untraditional looks. She also recently self-published a zine, "hotpot," with photos she took on a recent trip throughout Asia. 

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Meet Jo Rosenthal

“Jo Rosenthal is an artist to her core. She’s a kind old soul that sees the world through a unique lens and is in passionate pursuit of bringing that vision to life for others. She’s a woman to watch and game-changer, testing the boundaries of media driving forward to discover first what others don’t even know they are seeking. Jo is provocative, defying whats expected testing & learning what elicits her desired response...she’s fearless - paradoxically narcissistic - unfazed by what others think and constantly curious of outside perception. She’s an ultimate maker and next generation craftsman and destiny is like clay in her hands!” - Roseanna (Jo’s Cousin)

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