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Meet Lizania Cruz

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Lizania Cruz is a New York-based designer working in fashion, arts and advocacy. Before moving to New York she worked at Anthropologie where she helped design their global brand language. She now works as a Graphic Designer for the Language Dept with clients ranging from food startups to nonprofits such as The American Cancer Society. Her work has been recognized by AIGA, Type Directors ClubCommunication Art among others. Most recently, she launched her own jewelry line, Bagavundas.

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Meet Anastasia Patellis

Anastasia is from Vancouver, Canada. She moved to NYC for an internship at W Magazine and then started assisting stylists for various publications including Dazed and Confused, Elle and Vogue. Her personal work tends to often utilize concepts and themes to which fashion becomes expression of a greater idea or purpose be it aesthetic or sociological. Her work has been published in Hunger Magazine, Indie Magazine,, and more.

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