Meet Cassi Gibson

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Cassie was born in Maputo, Mozambique to a native mother and American father. After briefly studying cinematography at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, Cassie has shown as an artist and worked primarily in fashion in New York. Now residing in Downtown Los Angeles, she works as an art director and curator.
Outfit, Vintage

Outfit, Vintage

on her morning routine

My morning routine varies. Sometimes I am quiet and make a cup of hot water with or without tea. Other times, I wake up and start with a cup of coffee. I start at my desk by planning out the day and writing emails. 

on her interest in art and creative pursuits

I started right after school in Uganda. Every summer during high school, I would travel to New York and pick up a summer job, always creative and in production. I was working with magazines, exhibiting as an artist, or working in film, and then eventually in fashion. I always had a kinship with all the persons in my life that gave me a chance and allowed me to explore and evolve. Anything is possible if you are curious enough.

Dress, Tigra Tigra

Dress, Tigra Tigra

My partner and I are spiritual beings. I try to be a god-fearing individual. I love all religions. My family is a mix of Catholics and Muslims from Mozambique. I recently got a copy of the Quran because of the political climate and travel ban on Muslims. It felt necessary for me.
— on her spirituality
Cassi's favorite books

Cassi's favorite books

on working with her partner in art

I have been working with my partner, who is a painter, by doing the administrative side of his reality which feels like a business. I hired an employee and formalized a team. We run a home gallery, a studio/gallery, and his painting studio. There is plenty going on. The best part is when we sit down together and formalize the life and thought of a new painting. I also love his input in anything I do outside of the business. I think building a strong team is the ultimate because anything is possible with a collective.

on taking risks in her career

I think my passion is innate. I made a pact with myself to do the things I love. Life is too short and fragile. I moved to LA from New York to further my practice as an art director and brand agent. Now I am curating shows because my core being is very fluid. The language is all the same to me. I am working with an end product, and that is making something beautiful and worthwhile.



Outfit, Vintage

Outfit, Vintage

Cassi's favorite records
I was living in New York when Bowie passed away. All my friends called and told me they were going to celebrate Bowie at Happy Endings in the Lower East Side. I jumped in a cab, met my friends, sat in a booth, and we would spontaneously jump up and dance like there was no tomorrow. Bowie made me celebrate life like I had not done before. I love you, David Bowie.
— on her favorite artist
Outfit, Vintage

Outfit, Vintage

on her beauty routine and recommendations

Water, chlorophyll, and sleep are my beauty tips. Try to manage your stress. I feel like stress is beauty's worst enemy.

I recommend La Solution 10 De Chanel Sensitive Skin Cream, CHANEL Hydra Beauty Essence MistDabur Amla Hair Oil, Monk Oil Dawn City Skin PotionRose Petal Witch Hazel Alcohol Free by ThayersHeritage Store Rosewater, The Dirt Coconut Oil Toothpaste, and May Lindstrom The Problem Solver Correcting Masque.

on her style and shopping habits

I do not really do too much shopping, but I do collect beautiful pieces when I come across them. I collect a lot of vintage items that I have a real love for. I love to supplement clothes with my friends' designs who are mostly designers. I always try to support Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Priscavera, Mari Giudicelli, Lauren Manoogian, Tigra Tigra, and Susan Cianciolo.

Dress, Susan Cianciolo

Dress, Susan Cianciolo

Dress & Jacket, vintage ; Shoes,    Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Dress & Jacket, vintage ; Shoes, Maryam Nassir Zadeh

cassi's favorite books

Lost Body by Aimé Césaire, I Write What I Like: Selected Writings by Steve Biko, The Holy Qur'an Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

cassi's favorite records

Superfly by Curtis Mayfield, Pin Ups by David Bowie, Freetown Sound by Blood Orange

cassi's favorite movies

Hyenas, Black Girl, Jambon Jambon, Touki Bouki

cassi's favorite places in los angeles

Winsome has great ambiance in Echo Park; the breakfast sandwich is my go-to.

Sqirl is very LA, and so beautiful and delicious.

Banadir is a Somali restaurant that makes such authentic food.

Manuela, located in Hauser Wirth gallery, for lunch.

Di Alba  is the LA branch of The Smile (in New York). It's a little Italian café with the best Focaccia and salads. The coffee is delicious too.

Badmaash has yummy Indian located downtown; they play Bollywood films with like, Skepta or Drake playing in background.

Wood Spoon has Brazilian homecooking, it feels like closest food to my culture.

I usually go to Hama Sushi by myself and sit at the sushi bar. I'll have a Sapporo and some sushi. 

Photography by Claire Donoghue