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Bianca is the Community Manager at Milk. Born and raised in Coronado, California, she always knew the city life was for her. She graduated New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a major in Film and a minor in Art History. In addition to her position at Milk, she does freelance photography, painting, and production design for editorial videos and short films. Lately she’s also been modeling for a number of brands that are striving to feature girls with untraditional looks. She also recently self-published a zine, “hotpot,” with photos she took on a recent trip throughout Asia. 
Outfit Details: Everything, Vintage

Outfit Details: Everything, Vintage

Outfit Details: Top, Thrifted ; Jeans, Thrifted

Outfit Details: Top, Thrifted ; Jeans, Thrifted

on her morning routine 

My alarm goes off at 7 am every morning so I can make it to the gym before work. After my workout, I come home, shower and sip green tea while I put my outfit together. Then I curl my eyelashes, grab an apple and I'm out the door off to Milk Studios.

on her love for photography + her growth with it

I have had a camera in my hands since my freshman year of high school. When I came to the city to attend NYU, my love for taking photos grew immensely.

I believe I've always had an eye for color and composition so I just let it take over whenever I shoot. I am lucky that I trust my own instincts and they haven't failed me yet!

I started producing my own shoots once a week and interning all while balancing school work. I never went a semester without an internship which really paid off in the long run. I learned a lot at NYLON Magazine and Refinery29. These are just a couple of the companies where I’ve worked while in college. During all my internships I would ask to be on set. This gave me an opportunity to get on-set experience which elevated my own shoots, this lead to my photos getting picked up by major publications like i-D and Dazed. I graduated a semester early from NYU and am now the Community Manager at Milk Studios.

Everyone should read Letters to a Young Poet; it will inspire you to look at the world in such a positive way.
— On letters to a young poet
Bianca's favorite books, and "   hotpot   ," a photo zine of her work

Bianca's favorite books, and "hotpot," a photo zine of her work

on being community manager at milk 

As the Community Manager, I run all of Milk's social media as well as choose talent that we involve in our projects. It is a creative position that gives me a lot of freedom to mix my own vision with Milk's. My team is amazing and makes every day so fun! Balancing a full time job and side projects is not as easy as you think. My weekends have become so precious because those are the only two days I have for self care, but I have to make time for my art as well. It is tough, but I have always been very good with time management so I have been able to find a way. Lucky me!

on her current personal style

I am super into hoodies right now. I never thought I would be a hoodie girl, but here I am spending all my money on hoodies! I love the skater boy/street wear look. I am definitely not super well versed in this look, I am such a wanna be skater, but I love it! I shop absolutely everywhere, from Kmart to Gucci.

on her beauty + skincare routine

I use a lot of Sunday Riley products. I wash my face twice a day and I swear by sun block. Recently, I discovered putting 100% rosehip oil on my face, and it has changed the texture of my skin for the better! I also always look for products with tea tree oil in them. It's antimicrobial and it's natural. Homemade honey masks and homemade egg white masks make a huge difference with my skin. I also benefit from oil pulling with coconut oil and also putting it in my hair for moisture.

There is never a night when I am wearing less than four products on my face. My night routine is all about skin care. I believe having healthy skin is the best accessory. I love drinking tea, putting on a face mask and painting the night away. It makes me feel so accomplished and relaxed at the same time.


Outfit Details: Everything, Vintage

Outfit Details: Everything, Vintage

Bianca's shelf with her favorite things; Fujifilm Instax Camera

Bianca's shelf with her favorite things; Fujifilm Instax Camera