Meet Bianca Boutilier

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Bianca is a model, art enthusiast, and open hearted person hailing from sunny Redondo Beach, California. Her favorite emoji is the court jester card. She is a passionate supporter of women in the arts who enjoys collaborating with friends and other young creatives. Bianca loves to turn up and can be counted on to be bring the party in a glamorous and delightfully tacky way. She currently resides in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn and loves her friends and boyfriends a lot.
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Top, Vintage ; Pants, Addidas

Top, Vintage ; Pants, Addidas


I love to journal first thing in the morning. Some mornings I’ll jot down a dream, set my intentions for the days, or just write a funny note. I don’t even read the entries. I press ice water on my face like Joan Crawford did, wash my face, moisturize and drink a big glass of lemon water. The acidity helps my sensitive tum. I then eat piece of whole fruit.

on finding her dreams

I’m a retired pastry cook. I always knew I wanted to do something creative and after a year in the industry I was done. I struggled a lot and frankly was just not very good. A task like cutting 200 of the same size cookies would turn into a disaster for me. They would be all different sizes! My brain is not wired like that. I still love cookies though, no hard feelings.

I started modeling when I was 17 because I am tall and beautiful. I relied on that for quite a few years with very little success. It wasn’t until I began figuring out who I am and what I have to offer the industry beyond good looks that I started booking cool jobs and collaborating on projects that I feel excited and passionate about.

Bodysuit,    H&M

Bodysuit, H&M

I started a sex toy collection because I liked the aesthetic. They’re literally toys for adults. Some toys like the pussy pump I bought just for the look of it and ended up being a big hit, haha. I like to experiment in all different areas in my life and the result is learning more about myself. These toys are mostly purchased on Amazon, however now that I’ve experimented with different styles, I’ve started upgrading to better quality non porous materials. I look for silicone, borosilicate glass or stainless steel.
— on her sex toy collection

ON labels in the modelling industry

I’ve always been a plus size woman by the definition that I wore a size 14 or larger. I think labels like “plus size” diminish my accomplishments as a model and as an individual. Labeling people, experiences, or relationships divides us and puts limits and boundaries where there need not be. It’s time for fashion to reject labels that segregate people by gender, size, age, whatever it is, just make some cool clothes and put them on cool people.

on her shopping habits

I love Beacon’s Closet in Bushwick. That’s where I can buy something that feels a little too crazy, but the price is just right to take a chance and experiment. Most of the time, those pieces that feel really out there when I buy them end up becoming regular ol’ clothes to me and that’s how my style progresses. I’m a big fan of Friends in Bushwick as well. I like their sweet and sexy 90’s pieces plus new merch as well like cute socks, jewelry, and home goods. My aesthetic is influenced by my childhood, my Chicana background, Russ Meyer, rave culture, 90’s supermodels, Robert Crumb, hip hop, glamour porn, and valley girls.

her skincare tips

Use a retinol for acne, wrinkles, and dark spots. Always use a sunblock with a retinol, and do not use it with a salicylic acid product. I’m so happy with my results. My face is so much brighter and my acne scars and dark spots from picking or sun damage have faded significantly. I love it so much I started using a Retinol Body Lotion. Another tip is using a Salicylic Acid for butt pimples. I like the classic Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment. Consistency is really important. Give your routine about 6 weeks to see results.

Top, Vintage ; Pants, Addidas

Top, Vintage ; Pants, Addidas

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ON Her beauty ROUTINE

My beauty routine can be described as practical, affordable, and highly effective. I’m all about results, no fluff. I look for dermatologists recommended products, with minimal or no parabens or harmful additives. Most importantly are your skin care fundamentals. Lots of water, taking off your makeup before bed (even if it’s just a good face wipe like Neutrogena Makeup Remover wipes), sunscreen and a healthy diet. That’s where the real results come from, the products are complimentary.

I use Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. I also use Alpha Skincare Essential Renewal Lotion and Alpha Skincare Revitalizing Body Lotion. The results from using a retinol are unbelievable. Because my skincare is so clinical I love to indulge with color for my nails and use Floss Gloss nail polish. Their eye for color is incredible, and the names are hilarious and totally reflect my personality. The colors on my Spring rotation are El Capitan, Fast Lane, and Pink Nugget.

I like natural makeup with a pop of color. I go for tried and true products like Benefit Hoola Bronzerand I love my Chanel lipstick in Adrienne. I also recommend Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara, MAC Dusky Rose Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette, stila Set & Bronze Baked Powder Trio, and Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

My favorite book is “Making Faces” by Kevyn Aucoin. I love 90’s beauty and Kevyn is king, rest in peace. The book is filled with iconic supermodels and really valuable techniques. I’ve had a copy since I was a little girl.
— on her favorite book
Overalls, Dickie's ; Bodysuit,    H&M

Overalls, Dickie's ; Bodysuit, H&M


Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

bianca's favorite places IN NYC

I love my hair salon Shizen in Williamsburg

Playing ping pong at Diviera Drive

The frozen rose with a campari float at Extra Fancy

Top, Vintage ;    Pants, Adidas    ;    Shoes, Worishofer