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It all started by scouring the pages of Vogue, and then the rest is history. Beverly Nguyen started out as an intern at Vogue and eventually worked her way into becoming a stylist at Kate Young Studio, where she now works with some pretty amazing people. The best part about being surrounded by clothes all day is getting to wear and style them, as Beverly can attest. There’s no doubt that she loves her job, and can always wind down at the end of the day with some tequila.
Dress:    Frame   ; Jacket:    Frame   ; Shoes:    Gucci

Dress: Frame; Jacket: Frame; Shoes: Gucci

Blazer,    Frame    ; Dress, Frame

Blazer, Frame ; Dress, Frame

On Her Morning Routine

Water. Lots and lots of water, music, and if I have time, a bit of reading. I’m pretty low maintenance so I'll shower, moisturize, get dressed, take some apple cider vinegar, and be on my way. Where I work changes daily, so I'll get dressed depending if I'll be in the office, on set, or at a fitting.


I used to read the credits page of Vogue and research everyone who worked there. I wanted to be a stylist so badly that I took a beauty internship at Vogue just to be a part of that world. I wasn't into beauty or being a writer. I learned to do both, and it led me to participate and explore different avenues within the fashion world. After Vogue, I spent time working with Caitlin Mociun and toying around with fashion production. After that came Opening Ceremony and styling at La Garconne. Then I met Kate Young and have been with her since then. My friend Amanda Eufer linked us up, and I believe she described me as a "blonde Asian who loves beauty!" We met, did a test shoot, and it's been a little over three years.

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Endless requesting. Moodboards. Films. Watching girls in NYC. The Diet Prada Instagram. Repeat.
— On her styling process and inspiration

On the best part of her job

My favorite part will always be the clothes, jewelry, shoes, and purses. There is no daily routine. I think getting to work with Kate is such a privilege in a field that could easily make anyone nuts. I love my job because it still pays to be kind, well-read, and honest. Working directly with Kate and her team requires a lot of trust. The environment is so tight-knit and very intimate. It's rewarding to know my ideas matter.


I've been interested in fashion ever since my early childhood in California. My parents work in the garment industry, so I grew up exposed to the technical side of fashion. I was intrigued and would spend my weekends watching them at work. I probably watched way too much Project Runway. I helped put on fashion shows in high school. I would source thrift shops and the internet for school dances. Then I got a job at Banana Republic as a shop girl. It led to some visual merchandising and personal shopping roles that made me certain that I wanted to be in fashion.



Dress:    Frame   ; Heels: Maryam Nastier Zadeh

Dress: Frame; Heels: Maryam Nastier Zadeh

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Top:    Hanes   ; Pants: Caron Callahan; Ring: Tom Wood

Top: Hanes; Pants: Caron Callahan; Ring: Tom Wood


Does foam rolling count? Seriously. I love to collaborate with my friends on fashion projects and try to work together as much as possible. This usually means styling a lookbook or shoot. I'm also working to launch a silk robe line. Stay tuned!


Instagram has the best shopping and accounts for florists. My style is a bit sexy and always practical. My tip for IRL shopping: go in with good underwear. My tip for online shopping: know your measurements. Don't max out your credit card to land the job.


I wash my face before bed, no matter what circumstance! I swear by Ponds lotion in the winter and Avene sunblock as a lotion and SPF in the summer. Then, Vaseline as chapstick for the juiciest kisses. I also love Weleda's Skin Food, Jao Brand's Face CremeHerbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Body PolishJoanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum, Avene Cleansing FoamH. Gillerman Organics H. Gillerman Organics Roll-On Jaw Clench Remedy and Fig + Yarrow Complexion Waters


Charlotte Perriand. I like to reference the 60's and 70's for color and texture but keep things very minimal.

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Tequila on the rocks. One slice of orange. Lights out.
— on her nightly routine
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Devotional Cinema by Nathaniel Dorsky, In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro TanizakiZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig, My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante,  Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur, Super Normal: Sensations of the Ordinary by Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison

BEVERLY'S favorite movies

Working Girl, Blue Velvet, I Am Love, Night On Earth

BEVERLY'S favorite places IN BROOKLYN

Selemat Pagi for comfort

Ramona for late drinks

Achilles Heel for blind dates

Cafe Gamin for coffee and a book

Bakeri for morning meetings

Goldie's for friends

Bi-Rite studio for chairs

Pas mal for inspiration

Casa Publica for larger groups

Alameda for burgers

Lilia for cocktails

Top: Vintage; Skirt: American Apparel; Sunglasses:    Celine   ; Bag:    Elizabeth & James

Top: Vintage; Skirt: American Apparel; Sunglasses: Celine; Bag: Elizabeth & James

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