Meet Bambou Roger-Kwong

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Bambou Roger-Kwong is a freelance stylist based in Paris who has worked with the likes of brands such as A.P.C., and Galleries Lafayette. From people-watching at museums to decorating her apartment with objects close to her heart, Bambou never fails to seek out inspiration for her day job.
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Top, Louis Vuitton ; Earrings,  Lemaire  ; Skirt, Jill Sander ; Boots, APC

Top, Louis Vuitton ; Earrings, Lemaire ; Skirt, Jill Sander ; Boots, APC


I spend an hour in bed snoozing over 15 alarms, then I’ll hop out for a quick shower and make myself a chai tea latte. For vitamins, I’ll eat a kiwi.

on her path to becoming a stylist

I was born in Paris and lived there until I was 10 years old. We then moved to Brittany, but I always wanted to go back to Paris. When I did, I immediately started working in in a clothing store.

For as long as I can remember, my mum would tell me I was meant to be a stylist. I remember looking through Vogue Collections, pointing at looks and saying, “Oh, I like this one and that one,” or, “This one should have been more like this!” I used to dress up with my mum’s clothes, bed sheets, or anything I could find.

The idea of being a stylist never left me, so I decided to go back to school and enrolled at Studio Berçot when I was 21. Then I got a job at A.P.C. where I ended up being an in-house stylist assistant to Ondine Azoulay, Suzanne Koller, and Julian Ganio for lookbooks, campaigns, and presentations. It was only after three years that I decided to start a new chapter and became a freelance stylist.

on her favorite styling projects

Right after leaving A.P.C., Judith Touitou [the brand’s artistic director] asked me to style and do the art direction for their next denim campaign. I was so happy with the outcome. This is when I realized I really wanted to do this job for a living.

I also recently did the artistic direction and styling for a video series in collaboration with the Galeries Lafayette Champs Elysées that just opened. I was so pleased with that end result, too.

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“You need to stand by your opinions since there isn’t just one recipe for styling. To never doubt myself is a lesson that I’m still learning.”
— on one of her biggest lessons
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advice on putting together a look

I tend to choose one garment, and then add things on according to fabrics or colors. I believe the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your clothes.

on where she draws inspiration from

People-watching is actually one of my favorite activities! I love how people move…and their attitudes. The best is people-watching in museums where they won’t suspect that instead of looking at paintings, I’m looking at them.

on her home decor

Besides my Ikea shelf, all the furniture at my place comes from thrift shops. I love searching for objects and furniture. I go to flea markets (Les Puces de Saint-Ouen), Emmaus, Le bon coin, and I also dig a lot over internet.

Almost all of the things I own have sentimental value: a handmade wooden comb that was brought back from Japan, my mum’s favorite cup that I always use, a ceramic plate made by my friend Lucile Demory, or the family picture that my aunt gave me when I met her two years ago. I also have this curvy framed glass (pictured below) where I have put tree branches that my boyfriend Hugues and I picked up in Rome and Tokyo. It reminds me of all the good times we spent together there.

All my objects are like little lucky charms, but I can’t carry them with me everywhere! So I display them in my apartment in a way that I can see them every day.

Top, Louis Vuitton ; Earrings,  Lemaire

Top, Louis Vuitton ; Earrings, Lemaire

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“It is important to not overthink or focus too much since style is a feeling. Having good times with friends, doing ceramics in my free time, or going to an exhibition on Sunday is also a good way to keep inspired.”
— on staying inspired for her job
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Earrings,  Lemaire  ; Dress, Liwan

Earrings, Lemaire ; Dress, Liwan

on her personal creative pursuits

I’ve been doing ceramics for a few years now, but just as a hobby. I do hope that it becomes more than that one day. I’ve got lots of projects on my mind. I’m constantly making up new concepts, but soon I’ll find the right one!

on her style and shopping habits

I prefer going to vintage stores — I love Guerisol and Emmaus. For one, it’s eco-friendly, and two, it’s a way to have unique clothing. Of course, sometimes I also mix those up with some really nice pieces from designers I love like Cristaseya, Lemaire, Sophie Buhai, Jil Sander and The Row.

on her beauty and skincare routine

I don’t like the feeling of makeup on my skin, so I don’t use it. When I do wear it, I put on very little. My mum was actually the same. I probably got that from her.

I’ve recently stopped buying shower gel. Instead, I use regular soap. I like the one from the Laboratoire Paysane, Savon Exfoliant à 40% de lait d'ânesse.

After cleaning my face, I use Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly to hydrate my skin, a little eyelash curler, and a bit of perfume from Le Labo (Ambrette 9). They recently discontinued the one I used that was alcohol-free—what a shame! I also like Weleda Arnica Massage Oil.

Before going to bed I use a jade roller. It helps stimulate the blood, or at least that’s what they say.

“I’m very concerned about waste and I’m happy that upcycling is in style now, but I hope that it will be more than just a trend and that people will feel the urge to take good care of our planet.”
— on sustainability
Earrings,  Lemaire  ; Dress, Liwan ; Barrette, MK2 Store

Earrings, Lemaire ; Dress, Liwan ; Barrette, MK2 Store

bambou’s favorite books

Des fleurs pour Algernon by Daniel Keyes

La nuit des temps by René Barjavel

bambou’s favorite films

Body Double by Brian de Palma

Fargo by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Mulholland Drive by David Lynch

Le Voyage de Chihiro by Miyazaki

bambou’s favorite spots in paris

La Gambette à Pain for their delicious bamboo charcoal and white chocolate bread they do each Tuesday.

Castor Fleuriste for their flowers.

MK2 store for beautiful and various selections, from Noguchi lamps to hair clips that are made in France.

Having a walk along le Jardin du Palais Royal and then going to Atelier Brancusi, Musée Picasso or Musée du Louvre by foot.

Spend some good time with friends drinking and eating at La Buvette or Martin boire et manger, or having dinner at Le Bougainville, Da Graziella or Minh Chau.

Top, Louis Vuitton ; Earrings,  Lemaire  ; Skirt, Jill Sander ; Boots,  APC  ; Coat, Vintage

Top, Louis Vuitton ; Earrings, Lemaire ; Skirt, Jill Sander ; Boots, APC ; Coat, Vintage