Meet Alexandra Whiting

Streetstyle Details:    Jeans, Vintage Levis   ;    Top, Cos;    Scarf, Vintage;    Coat, Sessun;       Trainers, Converse   ;    Embossed Bag, Anna Walker   ;    Earrings, Dinny Hall
Alex Whiting is a creative producer for stills and moving image. Starting out as a picture editor and then working for Twin magazine, she moved into stills production, working with world class photographers and brands before stepping into moving image production. She joined Vogue in 2015 to help launch Vogue Video in the UK, and now also works freelance as a creative producer, and consultant.
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I usually wake up super early and then lie in bed for too long and end up being late.

 On How she got her start

I studied Photography at University and then started interning at a fashion magazine when I moved to London. I worked as a picture editor for a few years and fell into production through that. I had a brief stint as an agent and then decided to focus on production full time, working for a big production company where I learnt everything! and then for Vogue.

On the decision to go freelance full time

I realised that going to the same office everyday just didn’t suit me. I like variety and being able to work on lots of different projects with different people so going freelance seemed like the obvious choice for me.

These are just the books I’m reading at the moment, I’m dipping in and out of them. I bought the Grayson Perry book for my dad and ended up buying myself a copy – essential reading for everyone.
— On what she's currently reading

On her favorite part of the job

I just really enjoy working with talented and creative people. I’m not one of those producers who just puts things in place – I like to build relationships with the people I work with and understand their tastes and the way they work. I think a collaborative process always produces better results and is more rewarding for everyone. I also love when I get to work with friends. Seeing them in action and working on projects together feels pretty good.

On shopping

I find shopping really stressful and I’m not good with a lot of people in my way so I tend to shop online. I buy I lot of stuff from The Outnet and I love Liberty. I also inherit a lot of stuff from my friends!

ON HER beauty routine

I have an aversion to putting anything dry on my face so am obsessed with moisturising and oils. I swear by Skin food by Weleda and Egyptian magic cream.

On her friend's zine

The Anonymous Sex Journal is something my best friend makes—basically there is a different theme every issue and you submit anonymous stories. He commissions a different illustrator for every issue.


Outfit Details:    Pants, Gucci

Outfit Details: Pants, Gucci

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On her approach to interior decorating

I live with my friend in her flat, so most of the things in it belong to her! I like things to feel really bright and airy, not too cluttered. A friend of mine makes beautiful ceramics called Crucible. I always have fresh flowers around and I have lots of photos and prints by my friends. I’ve started collecting little trinkets when I travel, which kind of messes up the "no clutter" rule...

I grew up in quite a hippy town in Devon, so I always buy crystals when I go home. My mum used to make me hold them as a kid to keep me calm so I always have them in my room.

On her favorite records

These are some of the ones I’m listening to at the moment. I bought the Joe Simon record because I thought the cover was funny. I love Fleetwood Mac and Rumours always a go to. The Brazil classics compilation by David Byrne is really good Sunday morning vibes! Nana Love disco documentary is a rare afro-disco record produced in the 70’s and recently re-released. Her wailing is wild!