Meet Alex Vaughn

Coming from a small town has brought about a work ethic that eventually got Alex Vaughn moving down to Brooklyn. Despite all the demands and duties of the work week, Alex finds joy and positivity living in New York by sharing her favorite activities and places to decompress.
Top, Pleats Please ; Pants, Vintage
Jacket & Shirt, Vintage ; Jeans, H&M

Jacket & Shirt, Vintage ; Jeans, H&M


I'm a morning person. My day usually starts around 7:03 AM with a shot of Floradix liquid Iron, Source Naturals Vitamin D-3, and 3 Trader Joe's Organic Spirulina. I jump in the shower, get dressed, and have either a piece of toast or quinoa as a substitute for oatmeal. I hate oatmeal. 

on her path to nonprofit work and moving to brooklyn

I'm from a small town called Mamaroneck in Westchester County, NY. Since I was 13 years old, I've always been working, from the local ice cream shop to being in the union building commercial windows. I started bartending at a nightclub, La Clave, for about six years before moving to Brooklyn.I went to school for film and audio engineering because my dream was to direct music videos. I slowly let that go and got deeply involved in nonprofit work. Since then, I have changed gears and now work at a for-profit company as a manager.

on the responsibilities of being a manager

I worked at Housing Works for five years where I eventually moved my way up to being the store manager. The biggest challenge is keeping people inspired so that they love what they are doing. I find that consistent communication and support go a long way. One should never be afraid to ask questions. I believe that you are responsible for your own success so it's important to always bring your a-game to the party. 

Trench, Yang Li Men ; T-Shirt, Vintage ; Choker, Vintage YSL ; Pants, Sonia Rykiel
I love how free you can be in the city. Whether it’s hanging out in a park, going to brunch or just walking around or riding the trains people watching. There’s little to no judgment and you get to see some of the wildest shit ever. My definition of a city kid is someone who is fearless with confidence, who is diverse and down.
— On being a city kid

on working at the Container store

I was recruited a year and a half ago after building a great rapport with one of the regional directors of The Container Store. I love the products that we sell and working with people by sharing my ideas about organization with customers and colleagues. 

on customer service and giving back to herself

I find meditating helpful by sitting in silence and doing breathing exercises. It helps me balance the work I do during the day. I also like to soak in the tub with Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Eucalyptus Spearmint once a week, and I treat myself to new kicks twice a month.

on finding her community

I met my best friend before I moved to the city while she was djing a queer party called Spin Sugar in the East Village. She opened up my world and introduced me to all of her friends and acquaintances, which then made it easy for me to navigate throughout our community. The best advice I could give is to be open and to have your own voice.

on her favorite books

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay is one of my favorite books. It's a collection of essays that makes me feel like I know the author personally. I love how vulnerable her writing is and all the topics she discusses.

on her shopping habits and style

I normally shop at thrift stores, but I love Uniqlo. Most of my hats are from the OVO store in Toronto. I have a thing for plain clothing, so no name brand items.

I have been absolutely obsessed with Prince since I was a kid. I also have a deep passion for jazz music.
— on her favorite music

on her necklaces

My Taurus Pendant was a gift from my family in Milan, everyone gets one at birth with their zodiac sign on the front and names of aunts, uncles, and cousins engraved on the back plus your name at the bottom. I also have a green jade buddha, the eye of horus and a Nazar charm.

on her beauty routine

I wash my face at night with CeraVe Hydrating Face Cleanser Face Wash and rinse it with cold water every morning in the shower. I either use Trader Joe's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a moisturizer or a combination of Sweet Almond Oil by Aura Cacia and Desert Essence Organic Jojoba Oil. I also recommend Eucerin's Aquaphor Healing Ointment.

on her haircare routine

I condition my hair with aloe vera, straight from the plant, and mix it with a bit of Radha Beauty Lavender Essential Oil. Then I use Pantene PRO-V Gold Series Deep Hydrating Co-Wash. I style my hair with OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream and call it a day. 

on her nightly routine

I get home from work, light incense (I generally burn argar wood with palo santo or on occasion, sandal and rose musk), smoke a cigarette, brush my teeth, wash my face, then read until I pass out. I'm currently reading A Brief History Of Seven Killings By Marlon James.

Sweater, Vintage ;   Pants, Phillip Lim


Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, Jazz by Toni Morrison, A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James, Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin

alex's favorite records

Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution, Whitney Houston by Whitney Houston

alex's favorite movies

Belly, Love Jones, Purple Rain, The Lost Boys

alex's favorite places IN new york city

Brunch: Jajaja Plantas Mexicana

Bar: I love dive bars, like The Levee in Williamsburg, that have jukeboxes where you can play songs from the Misfits, Siouxsie, the Banshees, and Joy Division.

Coffee: Coffeed has a great lavender latte.

The Met Cloisters is my favorite museum.

There's a seasonal party that I absolutely adore called Set It Off, a queer hip-hop party in Brooklyn and occasionally the city. It's such a positive vibe with dope music and dancing.

The best tattoo parlors are Black Iris in Greenpoint and Gnostic in Bushwick. 


Coat, Zara ; Jacket, Topman ; Top, Guess ; Jeans, Zara ; Shoes, Nike

Coat, Zara ; Jacket, Topman ; Top, Guess ; Jeans, Zara ; Shoes, Nike