Meet Abby Bencie

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Originally from South Jersey, AKA Vineland, Abby moved to New York two years ago to pursue fashion. She graduated Fashion Merchandising at FIT and is working as a styling and merchandising intern at Nylon Magazine. Prior to that, she has interned for Black Frame PR, Alice & Olivia, Verameat, as well as working every Opening Ceremony show since 2014.
Top, Fendi ; Dress,    Reformation

Top, Fendi ; Dress, Reformation


8 AM: get pounced on by my cat, 8:20 AM: snooze my alarm, 8:30 AM: snooze my alarm, 8:34 AM: get pounced on by cat, 8:40 AM: get out of bed, feed the cat, make coffee, and drink at least two mugs full. Flat iron my hair. Put on makeup. Throw on an outfit I planned in my head before I drifted away to sleep. Check Instagram (Instagram is my favorite). Grab an apple, my laptop, and my bag, and I’m out the door and on my way to the L.

on getting into fashion

My grandmother used to make me, my cousins, and siblings halloween costumes every year on her sewing machine. She also used to make my American Girl dolls, all eleven of them, really cute outfits. Her basement was filled with all kinds of fabrics, yarns, and embellishments. You name it, she had it. She actually taught me how to sew. So she really inspired me to get into fashion. All my life I attended private school and was forced to wear a uniform. I always envied public school kids and their ability to wear whatever they wanted, so I also got into fashion that way. It's forever my Weekend Escape from uniforms.

on her future in fashion

I would really love to be a stylist. I find it so intriguing because not only do I have to understand my style and what I wear, but I have to understand the styles of so many other people I am dressing. Possibilities are absolutely endless. But I also have a desire to write. Maybe something in Editorial. I don’t know. Nothing’s set in stone, so I’m exploring all my options while I can!

Ever since I moved to Brooklyn, I very rarely leave Brooklyn. I love my neighborhood and finding new places to go to.
— on moving to brooklyn
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on her shopping habits and style

I can honestly shop anywhere, especially online. I’m really into menswear right now. I like to incorporate it in my looks with a feminine twist. Minimalism is kinda my thing too.

on home decor

I love decorating! My furniture is either from my grandmother's attic or from my childhood room. A lot of the smaller items like my shelf, rug, and throw pillows are from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. I think it’s super important to make your bedroom as cozy and comfortable as possible. It’s my little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. All of the plants make me feel like I’m back at home in farmland! I definitely recommend going to junk stores to find cute little knick knacks. I’m definitely a knick nack kinda girl and have collected a ton over the years that are the icing on the cake in my room.


Jacket, Vintage ; Dress,    Reformation

Jacket, Vintage ; Dress, Reformation

Jacket, Vintage

Jacket, Vintage

I used to cover my face with full coverage foundation that I absolutely did not need. Looking back at pictures, I looked like a clown. I guess you could say I’m into a more natural look these days with BB cream, browns on the eye, and chapstick on the lips.
— on her makeup routine
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Top, Fendi ; Dress,    Reformation

Top, Fendi ; Dress, Reformation


I don’t really have a beauty routine besides slabbing on some makeup to appear presentable to the world. Packaging definitely influences my beauty purchases! My boss at Nylon is super into beauty products and definitely has made me more aware of what’s out there and what to use. He’s always talking about his rituals with oils, sprays (White Magic Money Spray, and BB cream, so I have kind of been researching to find what would help my skin.

I recommend Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion Shea ButterAveeno Clear Complexion Blemish Treatment Daily MoisturizerHerbivore Botanicals Skin Toning Elixir, and Herbivore Botanicals Hair Perfume Mist.


abby's favorite books

It by Alexa Chung, Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman

abby's favorite places in nyc

Ever since I moved to Brooklyn, I very rarely leave Brooklyn. I love my neighborhood and finding new places to go to. I go to Bushwick's Bakery pretty much every morning. They have really good coffee and pastries. Our Wicked Lady (OWL) or Baby's All Right is usually where I end up by the end of the night. I'm really into finding new music to listen to, so add alcohol, good company to the mix, and I'm there. Mary Meyer and Friends Vintage is right around the corner from me, and I can't help stopping in and spending money on my way to catch the L. Worship Vintage and Collections Vintage are also amazing.