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Olivia is a writer and editor, working for online publications like Vogue.com and Elle.comas well as a jewelry designer. (Shop her newly launched mood rings here.) Born in New Zealand, Olivia moved to New York for the first time in 2008, but then relocated to Sydney in 2009. She eventually moved back to NYC in 2011 and has been there since. 



Top, Everlane ; Pants, Karen Walker ; Jacket, Levi's ; Bag, Mansur Gavriel ; Shoes, Everlane

Top, J. Crew

In my last year of high school I was assigned an open-ended creative writing assignment, and out of all the English students I received the top mark. My piece was then used as an example of what an A+ “looked like” for younger students, which is a pretty decent confidence boost for any teenager! It without a doubt propelled me to focus on writing as a career.
Every morning is different, but usually it starts around 7am with coffee next to my boyfriend in bed. We spend an hour going over emails, catching up on news... generally just figuring out what our respective days will entail. We shower and get ready in tandem to music every morning, and we’re usually out of the door by 9.30 - me heading to a coffee shop to write or the jewelry district, and him to Squarespace.

Top, J. Crew ; Skirt, Carven ; Shoes, Everlane

 Top, J. Crew ; Skirt, Carven

Top, J. Crew ; Skirt, Carven

I studied journalism at university and figured out early on that like any creative industry, success is mostly about who you know. So I made a point of meeting and surrounding myself with working writers and editors during and after university.

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Olivia's favorite books

I grew up reading Katherine Mansfield, New Zealand’s most celebrated author, and found this rare first edition copy of her New Zealand Stories in one of my favorite second hand book stores in Devonport, Auckland. The fact that she left New Zealand for England when she was 19 was a kind of constant source of inspiration for me growing up.
I mostly shop online, or I pick things up from local designers when I travel. In New York I usually stick to basics, like Everlane, and sometimes I peruse Net-a-Porter for more high-end pieces. It took a long time to learn what looks good on me — and what does and doesn’t work for my body shape — so I’m now able to shop online with some conviction.

Top, Everlane ; Jeans, Wrangler ; Belt, Atelier B

Fine jewelry is something I have always loved, or had an active interest in, as a consumer. Last winter, after a few months of unsuccessfully trying to find a high-end mood ring for myself, I was challenged by a family friend to see if I could make my own. So, very determined, I spent a year figuring it out.
 Jewelry, Olivia Kane

Jewelry, Olivia Kane

First I had to figure out how mood stones work — they are equal parts science and magic, and that was the longest part of the process. It took at least six months to have them how I wanted them. Then I began to draw styles that I wanted to play with, and from the sketches each style is hand-carved out of wax. I knew I wanted the rings to be solid gold or sterling silver, and making such delicate jewelry is finicky, but worth it.

Top, Zara ; Skirt, Danier

I had a lot of help from talented friends in the process, and without their expertise there is no way I could have pulled it off quite so well. I owe all my packaging to Saskia Rysenbry, who took my bad drawings and turned them into reality. My website photography was done by a photographer friend, James Needham, who was very patient as we waited for the rings to change color for the images. And I’m also very fortunate to have a boyfriend who works with websites for a living. It was like have Squarespace customer service on demand, 24/7.

Olivia's favorite beauty products

Olivia's favorite skincare products

I appreciate natural ingredients, and mostly look for things that will nourish and cleanse without irritating or drying. The usual, I’d say!
I used to be a wash, moisturize, leave the house kind of girl, but as I’ve gotten older skin care has gone from being a chore to something I’m able to have a little fun with.
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Top, Zara ; Skirt, Danier

Olivia's Wishlist

I am always building wishlists. I was an irresponsible shopper in my early twenties — I would rack up $6,000 worth of designer goods (mainly thanks to a deep addiction to Proenza Schouler and Isabel Marant) on my credit card without blinking, or thinking. Now, I don’t have the luxury of being that laissez faire with money, so I “save” expensive things for later in shopping carts all over the internet.

Olivia Recommends

The Vale Collective, a coffee shop with huge bay windows great for working. Crema, a coffee shop right below my apartment that serves Toby's estate and Ovenly pastries.

Five Leaves, still the best brunch in New York. Diner, my favorite restaurant. Paulie Gee's, best pizza -- that spicy honey!

The Shanty, a cocktail bar with its own gin and rye distillery  


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